Covered in bubbles, THE BUBBLE RUN

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THE BUBBLE RUN in Chiba prefecture!

Aiming for the goal tape while being covered in foam bubbles that gets released from the bubble machine took place in Chiba prefecture Makuhari park. The running course is 3km long, as has 3 places with the bubble machines. It shoots out yellow, blue, and pink colour bubble, perfect for the upcoming summer weather! The participants enjoyed running through the bubbles. Because this is not a competitive running event, every person was able to enjoy this event.

image002 image004

After the goal, there were popular DJs and artists showing off their performance while the participants danced to the beat covered in bubble. This out door “bubble party” event was a great success with 10,000 participants.

The BUBBLE RUN will also take place on Aug.29(Sat) and the 3oth (Sun) in Osaka Maishima Arena. Unique fun runs is a great trend, why not enjoy the perfect blend of music and bubble!?









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