“Good Meat Day”

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November 29th  is the “Good Meat Day” which is a designated (not as an official) day for meat.   This is because “29/11” can be pronounced as “ii niku”  which means “good meat” in Japanese. This event day ‘s concept was establied by the Yoriyoki MiyazakiBeef Council (Miyazaki council of strategies for producing better quality MiyazakiBeef) to promote the brand meat goods consumption produced in Miyazaki.(http://www.miyazakigyu.jp/en/)


One year ago in 2014,  a young female idol group, Chubbiness,who had debuted on November 29th 2013, was apoointed as the “Ambassador of  the Good Meat Day” and carried out plans to promote meat consumption of such as beef steak.(http://avex.jp/chubbiness/)


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