The exhibition of the art related to traditional Japanese poems and poetry

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An exhibition about the art related to the world of the traditional Japanese poems ,”Waka” and  poetry is being held at the Iwami Art Museum in Grand Toi in Masuda city, Shimane  pref., in the Sanin region in southest part facing the Sea of Japan Sep.21-Nov.7.(



Hitomaro, Kakinomoto, a famous poet in the 7th century lived in the Masuda area where the Grand Toi is located. His poems, statues, pictures are set or shown in some spots in the area, and pictures and other art works describing the contents of  his pand others’ poems are exhibited at the event.  I took a travel to Shimane and stayed in Masuda for a while and visited that exhibition there  last month. I felt, especially paintings created in the Muromachi Period (1336~1588)  were colorful and beautiful.  sesshuu


The venue facility, Grand Toi is a quite fancy culture facility and  the art museum and theater are in the building. The city as a whole seemed historical with mountains, rivers, old battlefields and Iwami Airport, Tsuwano, a popular historical town are close. In addition, two of the four well-known landscape gardens designed by Sesshu, one of the most famous Japanese paintings painter in the 15th century were all there. I visited the two gardens and staffers told me those tourists’ destinations are becoming popular among international visitors to Japan as well. I found the area very interesting with traditional Japanese atmoshere with good historical occurences.


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