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Cool Japan, a mix of pop culture, tradition and high-tech is now attracting the attention of young people throughout the world.

What’s more, the consumers here are said to have the keenest eye in the world, and demand a high level of knowledge, experience and detail. It is through their influence that Japan manages to remain the world’s premier location in terms of the diversity, quality of goods, service and interiors of its shops.

Regrettably, though, Japanese shops are not easily accessible to non-Japanese people; sellers are often not very fluent in foreign languages, and few websites are designed for overseas users.

Very small things can become big obstacles in this regard, and katakana (the Japanese phonetic alphabet) is a good example of such an obstacle. Words imported from other languages are written in katakana characters, which can turn familiar brand names into unrecognizable words. Japanese are very fond of katakana names.

We can help our users to overcome this.

Tenkai-japan.com is an online Cool Japan Guide, providing the latest news in English.

The site is constantly being updated to bring readers the latest news on travel, shopping, fashion, J-pop, celebrities, entertainment, lifestyle and Japanese traditions.

We observe the Cool Japan scene closely, and are dedicated to bringing you fresh information. That’s why we have built this website.

Please feel free to visit us and look through Cool Japan. We hope you enjoy your travel and shopping.

We are looking forward to fulfilling our role as your window into the world of Japan.

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