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“Cool Tours”: Japan Introduction Video 2nd Episodes Uploaded

By Akitaka - Last updated: 土曜日, 11月 12, 2011

This time, we interviwed so-called Foreigners friendly Hotel : Sakura Hotel in Ikebukuro. 

Reception desk is open for 24h and staffs are fluent in English and also in other languages(including Korean and Malay !).  Cafe is also open for 24h and there, you can eat various menus from all around world(French, Itaian, Egyptien, Asian and so on).  At first, menus are not so  many, however, travelers who got along very nicely with cafe staff taught them how to cook  menus of their own countries. 

Room price is relatively low (please check it out our video!) and you can cook by yourself if you want, using kitchen exclusive to hotel guests.  This kind of lodging facility is really helpful for  travelers, especially when they visit one country that has a strong currency.   

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Website of Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

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Cool Tours introduces Japan with video movies

By Akitaka - Last updated: 金曜日, 10月 28, 2011

As you already know, tenkai-japan has also travel agency’s function cooperating with its fellows, TNZ, a travel agency in Tokyo.
Aiming to introduce “Cool” spots and  TNZ staff, we(TNZ) decided to take a video camera and filmed Japan of today.
We are not expert in this field, however, we try our best to inform the attraction of Japan.
One of our friends Ayako, who is a singer and also a narrator of TV or radio program, reports Edo wonderland in Nikko as a first episode.

Our other purpose is to ask you guys (audience) which spot you want visit in Japan.  We will survey the spots before you go and give you useful information to make your future stay in Japan most interesting and efficient one.
So your comments and requests on timelime of twitter on Cool Tours web site will be highly appreciated.
So let’s talk with us!!

To watch the video and give us comments:

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