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Mannish style trending in women’s apparel

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 10月 4, 2014

Recently, there has been an increasing demand for mannish style women’s outfits.
While simple and basic style seems to be the dominant style, many women are reaching their hands for durable men’s clothes.

Famous selected brand store is importing men’s brand although it is a women’s apparel store. Women’s clothes with men’s detail looks like the popular style.


You can see many women buying men’s clothes for themselves at Drawing Numbers; the selected shop PAL is running.  Since this shop carries both men and women’s clothing, it’s easier for women to pick up men’s clothes. Not a lot just wear men’s clothes, because it’s the trend. The high quality and the comfy fit just makes it a natural choice for them to choose men’s clothes.


The Fall -mode look.


Top ¥20,000+tax Drawing Numbers
Pants ¥20,000+tax Drawing Numbers
Slip-ons ¥18,500+tax Amb

Next is the versatile look where the clean centre pressed pants can be worn formal with the shiny coating. It uses a stretch fabric, so it’s comfortable to wear as well.


2 colors and 2 sizes (36, 38)


Tops made from a sturdy jersey fabric. It has the slouchy neck like, which is the trend for this season. Available in 2 colours (Grey and black).


You can see the intricate detail with the striped fabric used inside the pockets.



“Beams Boy” by Beams is the epitome of men-like fashion. After it launched their brand in 1998, they have been meeting the women’s needs of boyish items with the theme of ” A girl like a boy”.

image008 image009

The brand puts its effort in making women’s sized clothes while not losing the product detail and the essence of the men’s design.


With the sports taste trending, boyish/mannish clothes seems to be uninfluenced by the trend.
Due to the increasing amount of women who weighs comfortable clothes more important than trend, the boyish styles seems to continue. Many women prefer to wear items for a long time, which they demand for ” A simple design and a durable fabric with high quality sewing.”


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Funashi, the ulitmate comforting character

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 9月 17, 2014

The ultimate comforting character, Funashi cafe opens in Shibuya Parco Part 1 (7th floor) on September 2nd.

It’s the first full on Fuashi cafe and is limited until the 30th of this month. So, if you’re a big Funashi fan, you better hurry so you won’t miss out on your chance! There are arrays of cute Funashi menus, such as burgers (1,280 yen) tea (580yen) and so on.


The decor includes Funashi everywhere, and there is a spot for customers to take pictures with a giant Funashi plushie.

They also sell official goods.


This cute comforting character is a “pear fairy” ( pear in Japanese is NASHI) from Chiba prefecture Funabashi city. Funashi aims to activate the city and act as a singer, voice actor and other entertainers.


Around 2011, poor Funashi was not yet accepts as an official character, and had to do events alone. Gradually its popular increased and made a huge break through on TV in 2013. As of now with an extreme amount of popularity, he is not an official character of Funabashi city.


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ATELIER PIERROT Fashion Night OUt 2014

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 8月 31, 2014

Atelier Pierrot Fashion Night Out Event



Fashion’s Night Out, a big event hosted by VOGUE will take place in Laforet Harajyuku on Sept.6th(Sat.)

The highly anticipated event  is a great opportunity not only to shop, but also to raise awareness with a charity plan with a special guest. The purpose of this world  wide event is to “activate the fashion world”.

The coveted fashion event for fashion brands will include a Gothic Lolita brand, ATELIER PIERROT.


A special page dedicated to the event has been launched.

On the day of the event, limited products inspired by Japanese princess and Marie Antoinette will be sold. This brand doesn’t normally sell items inspired by Japanese traditional art, but this time they are challenging themselves with “WA-Goth”. (WA as in Japanese traditional atmosphere and designs). The fans are anticipating for a one of a kind dress that wouldn’t normally be sold at the store.


To add the icing on the cake, if you collect 2 stamps which you get for every 5,000yen you spend, you might be lucky enough to win a goodie!

This beautifully elaborated dress above is the “Yuen Hime” priced at 81,240 yen.
It has a great balance of gothic fashion with the Japanese traditional pattern which brings out the mystical beauty. This is a limited outfit for the fashion event.


For further information please visit the site below.

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From Tokyo to Thailand. Fashion struts its way.

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 8月 18, 2014

Tokyo, the fashion centre of Japan is filled with fashionistas. From girly princess-esque outfit to quirky high fashion looks. Now, many Japanese fashion brands are entering Thailand’s market, which suggests a positive relationship between Japan and Thailand.


On August 30th and 31st, Thailand’s first “Tokyo runway” which features Japan’s fashion and music will be held. They are tagging with i-GRiTZS, which plans the Tokyo Runway and Kobe collection in Japan. It will be their 10th “Japan Festa” and will have 500 thousand visitors just with in 2 days.

Brands like Nice Claup, Liz Lisa, Olive des Olive (total of 8 brands) will join the Tokyo Runway. Other brands from the Kobe Collection and Fukuoka Asia Collection will join the event, which collects contents of the Japan Girl’s event.

The reason why i-GRiTZS choose Thailand is that ” Thailand is the most friendliest country to Japan in South East Asia, which also has high purchasing power. They have a good background with Japan’s culture too.”


On July 9th, “Siam Square One” made the lead to open Tokyo Runway’s first shop before the event has launched. They have a wide customer target, which includes young teens, 30’s who have sensitive antennas to fashion, and wealthy 40’s. So far, they do not have an enormous customer base, but many women with keen interest with Japanese fashion shops there. The most popular brand is Liz Lisa.


The 2nd Tokyo Runway shop will open in Isetan Bang Kok at the end of August.

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The secret to the popular anime, ” Youkai Watch”

By Mana - Last updated: 木曜日, 8月 7, 2014

“Youkai Watch” is a popular anime in demand right now, appearing on game, anime, manga and other medias. It is a popular anime amongst elementary school students.


The popular character Gibanyan!

In a nutshell, an elementary school student was handed a watch that lets you befriends with “Youkai” ( specter) from all over the city.

In July 2013, a Nintendo 3DS game was released  and as on 2014 April, it sold 100 thousand copies. Since January, an anime was aired from TV TOkyo, and has stated that it has captured many viewers unexpectedly. The sales of the goods have been  rising as well as the anime. A toy watch where you can insert the “Youkai medal” already sold 300 thousand in just a month.



The trend setter Mr.Hino has said that the biggest asset of “Youkai Watch” is that the main character has no distinct characteristic.

” Recently, characters with no distinct characteristic is thought to be unlikeable than characters like Nobitakun from Doraemon who just sucks at everything. The main character for Youkai Watch is just your Average Joe. The most appealing element is that everyone can related to him.
Interestingly, what makes it relatable is that the anime approaches real problems that children are experiencing, such as children who can not defecate. Because these creatures are designed cute, it appeals to girls too.

image005 image006

As of today, the sales for game has risen over 100 thousand pieces, and the popularity of the anime is still extremely popular. Related goods are difficult to get because of its insane popularity. Parents are reluctant to buy these goods for their children who has been nagging for it!


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Famous singer family models for a new global brand

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 7月 16, 2014

A new brand, “KOE” from Cross Company made their first appearance this month.
The famous Japanese singer, CHARA who’s known for her quirky looks and a distinct voice modeled for the brand with her daughter who is a model.



On July 3rd, Cross Company released their new brand “KOE” at Roppongi Hills Areana.  The singer CHARA and her daughter SUMIRE who is a model was chosen for the brand ambassador. The ever first store is going to open on September 26th in Okayama city, and will make their way out globally.



The mega brand celebrates their 20th anniversary, with their popular brand “earth music&ecology” and “THOM BROWNE. NEW YORK” opened in 25 countries mainly in Asia, with approximately 1,088 stores. The company’s first SPA brad “KOE” will debut in 2014 fall. The concept of this brand is ” Mode for everyone.” Their target customers are 30-40’s men and women, as well as kids, junior and expected mothers. The main focus is to offer real mode to everyone.

The meaning of “KOE” is translated to “VOICE” in Japanese.



The company built a “Fair supply chain” which is concerned and restrains many problems the fashion world is carrying. These include the background of production, such as ethics, and work environment. The brand name comes from the idea of ” to listen to every creature’s voice.”which leads to the production of items without using real leather and fur. Therefore, the prices are affordable, which estimates to be around 8,000 yen.

The established location of Cross Company is Okayama City, which where the first shop is going to open. It is going to be a flagship, which roughly spaces outs to 522m3.


Chara and her daughter, and the commercial where CHARA’s new song is played is aired. In October, the company plans to expand it’s store in Takamatsu and Niigata, as well as 7 more shopes in 2016, which totals up to 15 stores in Japan. They aim for one trillion yen with the caption ” World’s number 1 brand. ”


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Impulsive shopper? Love at first sight? How do you sh

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 6月 28, 2014

” The Aeon Girls”~ Surge in university girls shopping in malls


The article about “Aeon Girls” , by Nikkei MJ (June/02) is stealing the spotlight in the fashion industry.

When you imagine stylish Japanese girls, you see them shopping in the hottest, trendiest spot.
Perhaps trying to blend in with the Harajuku girls, or with the extravagant fashionistas in Shibuya.

But, things have been changing recently.

Wander around in Shibuya 109, OlOl, and La Foret Harajuku, you notice a decline in these girls.

Shibuya 109’s target market are the late teens to the early 20’s, but in fact, 70% of the actual customers happen to be junior and high school students.
24-35 years old make up 50%  of the sales in La Foret Harajuku, but with the high end tenants filling up, we see more 30’s women shop.

Some shopping areas has commented,  “We don’t even target university students to begin with. They are just too difficult.”

So the question is, where did all the girls go?


( photo by Nikkei MJ)

The amount of money you spend for fashion increases when you become a uni student. For those who crave fashion and shopping, big shopping centre, “Aeon” is the place where it hits the spot. The major enticement is that you can compare items for those indecisive shoppers! For those who aren’t picky with brands and tastes, they prefer items that are affordable.

” I come here 2-3 times a month with my friend. We usually shop for more than 2 hours. I do go to Harajuku and Shibuya, but about once every 3 months. I like how you can browse around at Aeon mall”. ( University student)

” Even if I find an outfit that I like, I would still go check out 5-6 stores. It doesn’t satisfy me unless I look at everything!” (University student)


Most girls don’t shop impulsively. They take their time to look around, compare, and think what they should get. Not only do they check online for informations, but they prefer to go around and check out similar stores to see what’s the best for them.

They’ll go to the store 3 times, and still can’t decide. Very careful, and very planned. This is the same with cosmetics too. Girls check websites and get information via word of mouth. They double check and even triple check since they usually on a tight budget.


Therefore, the perfect environment would be a mall where you can look at large amounts of items all at once. The more store, the merrier.

Research done by Nikkei MJ makes this evident. 63% of uni girls buy they clothes at Aeon mall or shopping centres, which is an extreme close call with Uniqlo being 64%.

Under 20% are department stores, and pricey brand shops don’t even reach 2 %.
” Uni girls who buys expensive brands are declining year by year. The sales share is less than half, compared to the 90’s”.


Before, girls would buy with out even checking the price. Owning expensive brand bags were a status. But for those who have grown up in the deflation era, a strong attachment towards brand names and logos are relatively lower.

Ready for a shopping spree?

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Meow! A cute visitor from the future- “Tora no mon”

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 6月 14, 2014

June 11th, the his rise building ” Toranomon Hills” mascot character “Toranomon” was presented.

The concept of “Toranomon” is a business robot (opposed to business men ) who traveled down from 100 years in the future to built the future Tokyo. This perfect collaboration was created with “Doraemon’s” Fujiko Pro and Mori building.

This cute, robot may ring the bell to the cat shaped robot all of us are familiar with. The head and the body is white, while the nose and the neck is colored grey. This cutsie also has ears too. Not only businesses, and hotels, but it includes offices with the Toranomon hills logo.


image002 image004

It also includes residence, 30 floors worth of offices, hotels, restaurants and the biggest high rise tower in the Toranomon ward.


image005 image006

Located on the first block of Tokyo Minato ward Toranomon, it is 247m tall with 52 stories. You should definitely prepare yourself with a sore neck looking up this building. Next to the Tokyo Midtown, is a super high rise building. Office (6-35th floor), residence (37-46th floor), 24 businesses (1-4th floor) and on top of that, the conference institution “Toranomon Hills Forum” (4 and 5th floor) as well as Japan’s first luxurious hotels ” Unders Tokyo.

Preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Toranomon definitely did a great job!


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Fantasy of becoming a Harajuku Lolita? Check!

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 6月 7, 2014

A Japanese celebrity ” Akina Minami” enjoyed her first experience on being a Lolita girl. Pictures are posted on her blog and has gotten many hypes for it.

Mountain like teased hair, long lashes and fancy lacey outfits. These may not sound like your typical wardrobe, but every girl has a fantasy inside them. A fantasy to become a Lolita princess <3



Minami visited a salon where you can experience being a Lolita. The store offers amazing service where you can choose your outfit, get your makeup done and have a complete make over. An awesome photo shoot will be followed after all of this.


Akina left a comment saying, ” The first time I wore a Lolita outfit for work, I was super stoked!”.


She also got a “Lolita 101″. Being a Lolita isn’t just about looking cute with adorable dresses and pink curly wigs in pigtails. With joy, Akia said ” Apparently, Lolitas smile without showing their teeth. I got a chance to to learn about Lolitas today. My photos turned out pretty okay, so I’ll post them”. She seems like she’s into Lolitas, ” I have a thing for Kyoko Fukada’s Lolita movie, “Kamikaze girls”. I’m watching her DVD now lol.”


It was a double amazing cast of Kyoko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya, which was aired in 2004 in the theatres. The story is about a Lolita and  a rebel befriending, although it seems like a rather peculiar combination.

For those who wants to experience a couple of hours being a princess, why not try?

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A trip to the UK might be worth it for Hello Kitty lovers <3

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 5月 24, 2014

Sanrio has been offering it’s license to many foreign themed park, and its pace has been increasing.

The UK, Sussex’s themed park, “Drusillas Park” installed a Hello Kitty ride.


This is the fist ever place to install  Hello Kitty rides in the European countries. The name of this magical place is called the ” Hello Kitty Secret Garden”. The surface area is roughly 2,050㎡, which includes tea cups with Hello Kitty faces, and “Hoppy Ride” that drops from the top. For weekends and holidays, Hello KItty face painting and other special events takes place.


Sanriio is really putting its thought and ennrgy towards foreign themed parks. In 2012, Malysia opened a 2000㎡ mini themed park, China opening an enormous themed park later this year, while Korean opened one this January.


Asia having the highest interest in Hello Kitty, there are business plans focused towards Asia.


Magical land of Hello Kitty themed park in China <3

It looks like we’d be able to bump in to Hello Kitty from all over the world!

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Innerwear like outerwear. Mix’n match your lingeries!

By Mana - Last updated: 金曜日, 5月 9, 2014

More freedom and more enjoyment.  The innerwear coordinate shop, AMPHI FUL FRU.
Let your inner bomb shell come out with these tasteful lingeries!


The major lingerie brand, WACOL opened a new lingerie coordinate shope “AMPHI FUL FRU” on March 14th (Fri) at Lalaport Tokyo bay, and expanded its shop through out Japan. The concept of this store is to choose your lingerie as if you’re choosing your outfit. Wouldn’t be nice to feel that excitement from your lingerie?

The shop is inspired by “Fruit shops in Scandinavia”. These lingeries resemble colourful fresh fruit.  Let the colour pop and burst and enjoy lingeries with colours from every palette.

image003 image005

There are 8 dominant colours of bras and panties, with 3 types of bras for each colour, and 12 different types of panties which offers your 36 different possibilities with one colour, and endless variations if you mix and match them.
This store offers you a complete different concept on buying lingeries. You can see beautiful arrays of rainbow colours  once you step in to the store. You will feel like a kid at a candy store, overwhelmed with great choices.

The shop designer / creative director choose Yuni Yoshi as their art director. She is knows by her mystical art sense, who definitely appreciates sense of humour with art and fashion.


(Kyari pamyu pamyu X Momoiro Clover Z)

Can AMPHI FUL FRU can be the new trend setter for lingeries? Having the mantra of “more freedom and more enjoyment!”, it offers customers  innerwear like outerwear!


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Models strutting their catwalk in the Inokashira line train

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 4月 19, 2014


Shopping on your way home or to work is convenient, yet a great way to lift your mood. A new business “Kirarina Keiou Kichijouji” is going to open on the 23rd at the Keio Inokashira Kichijouji station. Celebrating their opening, a fashion show took place on April the 14th.
Models strutted the not so typical cat walk you would imagine.

The models included Michibata Karen (The oldest of the famous 3 hot sisters <3). The train heading to Kichijouji from Shibuya, 14 male and female models strutted the red carpet cat walk dressed in stylish Sring/Summer outfits.

image002 image004 image006

The maximum speed of the train is 70km. Karen noted with a smile, ” There was a time where the train shook, but I held on tight to the safety rings. “Because I’m used to wearing high heels, I was able to enjoy the whole show.

image008 image010 image012

Brands, sucha as “acquagirl” to “urban resesarch”, “YEVVA VECCA”, “Journal Standard”, “chambre de charme “clef””, and other popular brands are included as well.



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The new hot spot “COREDO Muromachi 2・3”

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 4月 5, 2014

A new hot spot opens in Tokyo Nihonbashi.



Actress Masami Nagasawa donned in a beautiful kimono, representing TOHO cinema Nihonbashi

On 3/20  COREDO Muromachi 2 and COREDO Muromachi 3 made their amazing entrance in Nihonbashi. Utilizing it’s history and culture at its best, it has 83 shops, which includes traditional shops, food and a wide selection of choices made from the bunch.


For those picky with alcohol, no worries. For those who wants to test Japanese sake, no worries! Savour every drip of these delectable sake at the ” Nihonshu (Japanese sake) bar”. It serves Niigata prefecture  sake house, ” Hakkaisan” ‘s products, as well as all types of foods to have the perfect marriage with the sake.


The sweet deal doesn’t just stop here. Get your hands on  “Daiginjo wasanbon” ring cake ( L/5000yen, S/3,200) sold exclusively in Nihonbashi. Made to perfection with Wasanbon and fresh butter, you can definitely experience the Edo period with the flavourful aroma. image007 image009 image012

The best part about “COREDO Muromachi 3” is the Japanese style rental space “Kyorakutei/Megurian” which sends out Nihonbashi style. With the elegant traditional Japanese tea room, you can emmerse yourself in Japanese culture. In a more spacious room, they offer tea ceremonies and a place to chat with your friends over a cup of nice tea. For those who wants to experience Japan, this is the place to go. Japanese tea ceremonies, kimonos and more are not only for Japanese people, but also for tourists.




The renowned traditional Japanese sweets store “Tsuruyayoshinobu (Tokyo)” located in Kyoto with over 200 years of great service, offers “kayujaja” which allows you to watch professional sweets chef creating their delicate yummy pieces. “Kyousabou” is the perfect place for those to chill and relax. “TSURUYA Pancake” is  another limited item that is offered only here. Getting their inspiration from Dorayaki, you can build your own “IROMONAKA” (2,300) using colorful monakas.




COREDO Muromachi 2 and COREDO Muromachi 3 is the part of the “Nihonbashi Muromachi  devlopment plan”, which is planning to recover FUKUTOKU, which has a history for more than 1,100 years.

So ,what are you waiting for? Go for a beautiful stroll near Nihonbashi and have the full blown experience!


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TOKYO RUNWAY makes its way to Bangkok

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 3月 25, 2014

“Tokyo Runway”,  the big event that fashionistas anticipate.
Fashion models strut the cat walk wearing popular brands and show off the trendy looks.


The first “Tokyo Runway Shop” multi brand shop will open in Bangkok in May, which is inspired by the aesthetics of Tokyo Runway.
Within the year, a 2nd shop will open  in the same city, and a total of 5 stores in 3 years.
The first shop will open in the heart of Fashion city, “SIAM ONE SHOPPING CENTRE”.
Targeting women in their 20’s~ 30’s, total of 8 casual shops like “Olive des Olive” and “NICE CLAP” will be available.


The great thing about this store, is you can experience the whole culture and not just fashion. They have an event space where music and videos are played. They aim to sell 50,000,000 yen  this year. Gearing up for opening, VERTEX ASIA (partner company of Igritz), Japanese casual brand group FASHION PORT, Thailand’s well known entrepreneur TOB  being the president has build TAO KA NOI company. Combining these 3 companies, they built the Tokyo Runway Marketing Co., Ltd.

Planning to expand beyond the countries of South East Asia, TOB has left a comment at the Tokyo Runway 2014 SPRING/SUMMER show on 3/21. He said that, ” I highly respect Japan’s unique inspiration and imagination. This will definitely be the first step Thailand and Japan will be taking together”.


※Opening 2014 Mid May
Location:Thailand Bangkok「SIAM ONE SHOPPING CENTER」

※Average sales per customer: 5000yen per piece

Surface area of the store:約100㎡ 

Jun Hasegawa

The famous model  JUN HASEGAWA strutted the cat walk fiercely at the opening for Tokyo Runway 2014 Spring/Summer on 3/21 at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou.

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Every girls dream… A suite wonderland

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 3月 17, 2014

Most girls have daydreamed about living in  sweet house (especially in Xmas season decorating your own gingerbread house!).A fluffy cupcake sofa, chocolate bar walls and candy swirl lights…


Q-pot.×Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort presents a Sweet Room!
Indulge yourself in a chocolate living room and whipped cream bed.

Using desserts and sweets as accessory motifs,  Q-pot has made yet another cute creation.
The designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu produced the Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort Executive Sweet Room.

The bitter sweet room ” Bitter chocolate living room” has a decorated cake bed with whipped ream and strawberry bedroom. It’s  a sweet, romantic atmosphere all over the room.
There’s a drink bar where you can savour chocolates and tea served at the Q-pot CAFE while watching the “chocolate TV” collaborated with SHARP.
What a sweet fantasy world <3

image006 image008

For customers spending a night here, they get to have an original goodie pouch and accessories. You can definitely spend a SWEET night in a SUITE room with your love for special days. Filled with sweet fantasy, we suggest that you enjoy a night of luxury here.


image010 image012

Reservation for this room starts from 2013/3/8 (Sat) and opens from the 14th (Fri.)



Q-pot.x Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort


Reservation starts from 2014/3/8 (Sat)
Opens from 2014/3/14 (Fri)予約開始日:2014年3月8日(土)

Hotel fee: ¥98,100 / Sat/Sun・ ¥118,100 / Holidays  ・¥138,100/ Picked Dates

* Two adults per room ( Child under the 6th grad allowed to share a bed)

Place: Tokyo Bay Maihama Club Resort
Address: Chiba Prefecture Urayasu Maihama 1-7
TEL:047-355-2411 (Rep.)

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