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Temari in Gothic

By Temari - Last updated: 水曜日, 6月 9, 2010


The photos I acted as a model of a Japanese phoptpgrapher
”Kenich Seki”have uploaded on his website!

Somebody say you are like a watch because I love black clothes.
I might be able to use magic actually!:P

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The Cheshire Cat ring

By Temari - Last updated: 火曜日, 6月 1, 2010


I’ll introduce you Alice Garden’s new item.
Since“ Alice asked the cheshire cat pendant” available,I heard many requests like”It’ll be nice if it has a matching ring”.
It’s same cheshire cat but the pose is a bit different.


The place the Cheshire cat is at seems a branch but it is heart shaped!
I recommend you to wear it with the matching pendant.

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By Temari - Last updated: 日曜日, 5月 23, 2010


I introduce you my favorite music.

Melancholic goth-rock band include a bewitchingly voice vocalist “Christianna”
It’s a little nearly EVANESCENCE,she has a wonderful voice.

If you wanna listen to there music,jump from here!

Johnny Zero(G/Key)
Petros Fatis(Ds)

【ELYSION my space】
【Christianna my space】

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Design Festa vol 31

By Temari - Last updated: 金曜日, 5月 7, 2010


A international art ivent”Design Festa vol31”will be held on may 15th(sat) and 16th(sun) at Tokyo Big Sight. Alice Garden with the another gothic brand SNOB will participate to the event. New items,Cheshire cat ring and hart crown ring will be there! It’s a exciting big event♪ We hope you come and enjoy this event!

International Art Event, Design Festa vol.31!
May 15(sat) & 16(sun), 2010 11:00 – 19:00 at
Tokyo Big Sight West hall 1, 2, 3, 4, Atrium & OutdoorOver 8,500 artists from all over the world attending!
Design Festa is a biannual International Art Event,
started in 1994. It is open to all artists from all over the world to
exhibit their creative talent freely. 8,500 artists working in a variety of mediums will be present,
turning the two day event into artistic chaos! There will be Booth areas(2700 booths),
an Outdoor live-show stage, an Indoor stage,
a Mini-theater Space and a Restaurant and Cafe/Bar Area, all for your enjoyment during these
two days filled with art, energy, excitement and discovery

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By Temari - Last updated: 日曜日, 5月 2, 2010

One of my favorite food is mango.

Denny’s has a special section about mango now.
I went Denny’s to have some!


This”マンゴーと彩り果実のザ・サンデー”is a lightly seasoned delicious dessert Philippine mango with yoghurt.
I can eat it even after finish the meal.


“フレッシュマンゴーの淡雪仕立て”is soft and light meringue with fresh mango.
It melts in my mouth

I’ll have all rest of the mango desserts in Denny’s!

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『Arundel Through The Looking Glass 』

By Temari - Last updated: 金曜日, 4月 23, 2010

A shop which surppoting Alice Garden in Osaka will open in Tokyo for 6days.

The shop deals in various Alice goods and related a movie “ Alice in wonder land” and many pretty products!One of Alice Garden’s product” アリスはチェシャ猫にたずねました”( Alice asked the cheshire cat) pendant will be sold there.
We hope you come!

From 24th Apr. to 29th.
Only 6days “Arundel” Tokyo branch store!
Place:1-21-9 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町(Minami-machi kichijyoji musashino-shi Tokyo) ex”Cuddle a Fluffy”Atelier.
4muinits from Kichijyoji st(both) on foot
Everyday 10am to 6pm only the last day will be closed at 5pm.

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“Trevor Brown&Yukiko Yamayoshi exhibition~ Alice ‘s time~”

By Temari - Last updated: 日曜日, 4月 18, 2010


I went to “Trevor Brown&Yukiko Yamayoshi exhibition~ Alice ‘s time~”on the the last day of the event at Bunkamura in Shibuya.


He is a painter and illustlaror who was born in London 1959.
He immigrated to Japan in 1993 so as to express his own style directly because his extreme style is not accepted in his home country
His works are erotic and sadistic pritty girls.
Of course Everybody have different opinion and liking but I like his works.
I enjoyed various world of Alice .

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[Classic Alamode 03]

By Temari - Last updated: 金曜日, 4月 9, 2010

This is an information of an event what Alice Garden will join.
[Classic Alamode 03]
2010.04.18(sun)Open&Start 16:30 Close 22:00adv/w-f:\3000 (+1D) day:\3500 (+1D)1000yen discount under 18 years
old At”Ikebukuro LIVE INN ROSA”(03-5956-3463)〒171-0021
東京都豊島区西池袋1-37-12 ロサ会館B2F1-37-12, Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo ROSA Hall B2F Read the rest of this entry »

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[Alamode Market 14]

By Temari - Last updated: 木曜日, 3月 25, 2010


“Alice Garden”(Silver accessories) and “SNOB”(Gothic silver accessories and clothes)are going to participate to this event. [Alamode Market 14]~ゴシック&ロリータ展示即売会 Exhibit and sell party for gothic and Lolita people2010.04.03(sat)12:30~18:00At Kawasakisi-sangyousinkoukaikan(川崎市産業振興会館) 500yen for enter

Many small shops related about lolita and gothic will gether in this event.You will be able to see a lot of uniqu accessories,clothes and so on.You can’t see them usually
.We hope you come.

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By Temari - Last updated: 火曜日, 3月 9, 2010

Information of an event “Alice Garden”gonna participate

Open&Start 16:30 Close 22:00
adv/w-f:\3000 (+1D) day:\3500 (+1D)
1000yen discount under 18 years
At”Ikebukuro LIVE INN ROSA”(03-5956-3463)
東京都豊島区西池袋1-37-12 ロサ会館B2F
1-37-12, Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo ROSA Hall B2F

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Liv Moon

By Temari - Last updated: 日曜日, 2月 28, 2010


I introduce you my favorite music. “LIV MOON”

It is former an actress
of Takarazuka(

“Akane Okamoto”(Akane Liv)’ band.
She is a medel and actress also. Read the rest of this entry »

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By Temari - Last updated: 木曜日, 2月 18, 2010

A shop you can buy “Alice Garden”s products increased in Ginza.

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By Temari - Last updated: 火曜日, 2月 9, 2010

zoestyles_imageThe fashion brand what has a concept “unusual in usual life”
The designer Takada is Temari’s good friend.

Exhibition and sale event will be held on at “Design festa gallery ”
in Harajuku in this Valentine season
Read the rest of this entry »

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Alice Queen pendant

By Temari - Last updated: 木曜日, 2月 4, 2010

I’ll introduce you cute accessories of “Alice Garden”.  

AliceGarden001 026_small

 It’s “Alice Queen pendant”.what especially has simple and matured atmosphere among
“ Alice in wonderland”motif accessories.  
“The hart wears a crown is truly a queen of heart.
From when you wear it, you’ll be a queen of heart!”  It’s simple but gorgeous, tiny cuteandelegant mood.  

Length of the body:2.7cm  Length of the chain:40cm+adjuster 5cm Material:Silver925

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Pink Rabbit

By Temari - Last updated: 火曜日, 1月 26, 2010

I’ll introduce Alice Garden’s president.

He is a pink rabbit! ,He is just sitting down in exhibitions. But many customers say “He’s so lovely!”.
Motif of a rabbit is used for many items. The most popular item in Alice Garden’s silver accessories is a rabbit pendant.
AliceGarden001 029_small
The eyes are pink tourmaline.It is cute like as a real rabbit. Read the rest of this entry »

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