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photography event

By Pochi - Last updated: 月曜日, 7月 9, 2012

Hello everyone! I haven’t seen you for a long time, sorry.

We joined in “Tokyo shashin kenkyu club” (an event for photographers, students, models and so on).

If you can read Japanese, there is an article about “Tokyo shashin kenkyu club”




In this event, I was taken pictures as a model.

Because of my inexperience, I gave them a lot of trouble to take pictures.

But I enjoyed myself very much!





These pictures are works at  “Tokyo shashin kenkyu club”

Luckily, I experienced taking pictures with a camera for professionals.

I want a single-lens reflex camera in the near future.

We open some pictures to our facebook page.

Please visit it!→!/GLPnoKai


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Spring tea party!

By Pochi - Last updated: 火曜日, 4月 17, 2012

We,Gothic&Lolita&Punk no kai(website: twitter:@GLPnoKai) went to Shinjuku Imperial Garden to see cherry blossoms on April 15.
This outdoor event was special tea party!
There were congested to find room because Shinjuku Imperial Garden is famous for flower viewing.
We spread some picnic blankets beside a cedar.
We each brought many kinds of light dishes and started to eat and drink.

The petals of cherry blossoms fell sometimes like snow.
It was a typically mild spring scene.
Because of recommending to dress in pink, we were more conspicuous than cherry blossoms.

After the lunch, we spent a time by having a chat and taking pictures.
Many passers asked us to photograph with them.

We had no chance to hold a outdoor tea party, so we enjoyed ourselves!

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Going out in Gothic&Lolita clothes

By Pochi - Last updated: 火曜日, 4月 10, 2012

This time I will write a article about my simple life.
I took a trip with my family.
We went to Kamogawa seaworld and Country Farm Tokyo German Village in Chiba prefecture.
Because of the spring vacation, there were many parents and children.
Of course,I wore  casual-Gothic clothes throughout the trip.

On the first day, I observed an octopus,starfishes,sea turtles,and so on.


On the second day,we interacted with animals.

I and my brother interacted with a guinea pig.

We enjoyed it very well!

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Explanations of Gothic&Lolita part1 “Lolita style”

By Pochi - Last updated: 火曜日, 3月 20, 2012

Explanations of Gothic&Lolita(quoted from “GOTHIC&LOLITA@wiki” 2012,3,17)
I’m going to translate sentences (all sentences are reported in GOTHIC&LOLITA@wiki) into English a few at a time.
These explanations are not a definition of Japanese Gothic&Lolita culture but a common opinion.


“Lolita” comes from Lolita(Nabokov,1955), and means girlishness.
Even if people who love Lolita style of fashion admit it themselves that their fashion is overly girlish taste and innocence.

Features of Lolita style are a flared skirt,headdress, bonnet, and a lot of frills or lace.
Many people tend to dress in white or pink.Others like to dress in red, light blue, and black.
Main patterns are strawberry, cherry, heart mark, ribbon, and animals(for example a poodle ,a rabbit, and a fawn).
After WWⅡ, girl’s magazine(Soleil,) made patterns of strawberry and a poodle popular.


-more close classification of Lolita style-
It means sweet Lolita style.This style is originated from sweets and sewn lace on dresses.

This style is  medieval design.

It means black Lolita.The combination of black-white or black-black in the dress is called “kurololi”.

It means that people dress in white.(“Akaloli” means that people dress in red)

The stlye is more princessly than girlish.

This is known as “Gothic and Lolita”.It’s construct is not only Lolita but Gothic.

These classification of Lolita style is not popular.
But it helps you to know “Lolita” deeply.

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Daily “Gothic&Lolita” clothes

By Pochi - Last updated: 日曜日, 3月 11, 2012

We must pay attention when we wear almost Gothic&Lolita clothes.
For example, a spread skirt tends to touch near things.
So I wear casual “Gothic” clothes except Gothic&Lolita&Punk no kai’s activities.


My daily style in fashion is a jacket, shorts, and bulb toe.
(I wear not only a jucket but princess sleeve blouse.)
It is just for me to go far away.

We can make Gothic&Lolitaclothes to wear everyday too!

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New Gothic&Lolita&Punk blogger Pochi

By Pochi - Last updated: 火曜日, 3月 6, 2012

Nice to see you!My name is Pochi.
I am a sub leader of “Gothic&Lolita&Punk no kai”( twitter:@GLPnoKai), a fashion club at Waseda University.
I like “Gothic” fashion,taking pictures,dolls, and editing a short moving image.
I will write a article about Gothic&Lolita&Punk life.

(Pohi& Ai at a fashion show event:Alice in Magicaland)
Our thoughts for fashion are deep and various.
So I will make every effort to convey it a few at a time.
I hope you will enjoy Gothic&Lolita day with me.

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