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Small trip to Kyoto Part 1 Temple

By Yuka - Last updated: 月曜日, 5月 28, 2012

I went to Kyoto for sightseeing for 2days.

I do love Kyoto because I can feel Japanese tradition and Japanese beauty.

I’ve been there more than five times.


This time of a year, new green leaves are very beautiful.

Combination of temple and flesh green leaves is great.


The temple that most impressive in this trip(禅林寺・Zenrin-ji temple) is famous as red maple leaves spot in fall.

But I think this another sight should be more remarked;D

The white temple wall reflects sunlight through new green leaves




Model, Fashion creator



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By Yuka - Last updated: 月曜日, 5月 14, 2012


I’d like to introduce you this interesting



The first Visual Kei band that is composed entirely of
professional Japanese instrument musicians.

I made some costumes for the band.
Between me and this band is not only about job
for me. I approve their purpose (I want to translate this in the future) for this project, so I
support them in many ways.

I hope this band will be known by many people.


Article in English+video

(Big thanks to Kurita-san!)

The next gig is on 17th this
month in Meguro.
The next of the next is 2nd June
in Ootsuka.


To know more details, more up coming shows,
please check CrowClass’s Facebook page.


Please”Like”it and receive news about this

Message, ticket booking etc are available
in English!



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Photoshooting with cherry blossom

By Yuka - Last updated: 土曜日, 4月 28, 2012

I felt that Sakura(Cherry blossom) in this year was remained a little longer than other years.
I did some modeling jobs with sakura.

Photo by Santos Oota

In the shooting with the photographer from here( this may help photographers who want to shoot models as their works), I wore a traditional kimono.

I can wear kimono by myself.

The theme of this coordination is sakura as you can see.

Sakura patterned kimono, neckband and sakura petal color obi(belt).

I like kimono!:)


Model, Fasion Creator




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The first entry by Yuka

By Yuka - Last updated: 日曜日, 4月 15, 2012

This is the first entry for me.
My name is Yuka.I’m a designer, dressmaker and a model.

I was born and raised in Tokyo.I like diverse range of fashion styles.
From Tokyo style fashion, J-gothic and Lolita, to traditional Kimono style.
I’m fascinated by Japanese alternative culture, originality and traditional beauties.They influence my designs.


More details and to see my works, please visit my website.
I’ll post about my creations, works, Japanese traditional stuffs, my favorite things.
I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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