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Visit Japan Travel Mart and JATA Toursim EXPO Japan 2014

By TERRY - Last updated: 火曜日, 9月 30, 2014

Two huge international travel marts were held at Tokyo Bigsight in Tokyo. One was “Visit Japan Travel Mart 2014″(Sep.24-26)( and the other was “JATA Toursim EXPO Japan2014″(Sep.25-28)(  2014-09-26-09_06_37-600x450

More than 310 foriegn buyers and about 390 Japanese sellers joined VJTM2014 and had passionate exchanges of information and ideas and hosted busines seccions.  Buyers from Asian countries were especially a lot and about the half of the Japanese sellers were municipalities or relating associations of such local governments.


On the other hand,  a lot of domestic and foreign sellers and buysers joined  JATA Tourism EXPO Japan 2014. Such participants were embassies, tourism bureaus, travel agents, food companies, municipalities, railroads, airlines, hotels. universities, guide associations and so forth.  The main targets were end users of travel services and a lot of  lay Japanese people visited there and the total number was 157,589.  Upon the opening of the event, an ward ceremony  of  good  services and efforts of related promotions was hosted and the Best Tourism Award was given to The Tourism Authority of Thailand and Embassy awards were for  Thailand and Mexico, the best transporatation award was for Japan Railways East, the domestic inbound award was for  the tourism department of Tokyo Metropolis, the publicity award was for a TV show of CXTV, and the chairperson special award was for Okinawa Convention Bureau. (   I personally visited the two big events and collected a lot of interesting information and exchanged ideas with the participants, some of whom were my friends or those I sometimes work with. I enjoyed the delicious food provided by tourism- related restaurants and local specialities and impressed by the greatly enthusiastic atmosphere of energies of the expos as well.

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The mountain gate of Eisho-ji Temple restored for the first time in 88 years

By TERRY - Last updated: 日曜日, 5月 29, 2011
Eisho-ji Temple(/英勝寺) in Kawamura City hosted  the ceremony to celebrate the completion of the project of  rebuilding its mountain gate for the first time in 88 years on this May 17th.

The monks of Eisho-ji hosting the ceremony at the newly rebuilt mountain gate

Eisho-ji was built by Eishohin(/英勝院), the stepmother of  Yorifusa Tokugawa(/徳川頼房), the first feudal lord of  Mito clan which was one of the three primary branch families of the Tokugawa family of  the shoguns of  the Edo Shogunate in the Edo Period 1603-1867, in 1635.  The mountain gate was built by Yorifusa’s first son, Yorishige Matsudaira(/松平頼重), who was a feudal lord of  Takamatsu clan, but it was destroyed by the huge eathquake disaster in Kanto, the East Rigion of Japan, in 1923. Though other buildings of the temple, such as the main building had been rebuilt earlier, the gate took a long time to be rebuilt until the completion of the project last year. Some other buildings such as the main building , the belfry, and so sorth are designated as the prefectural important cultural assets and quite precious historical remainders. Even the old materials of the old mountain gate were designated that way with the prerequisite of  that they were going to be used for the rebuilding construction.
Buddha hall or the main building
It  cost about 150 million yen for the project and several years, according to the explanation of  Tsuneo Utsumi, the secretary general of the rebuilding project.  Now with the completion of the construction of rebuilding the mountain gate, the temple has totally restored its original structure.
And a precious calligraphy ”英勝寺”of  Emperor Gomizunoh(/後水尾天皇), the 108th emperor of Japan(reigned 1611-1629), was discovered during the construction ,which according to Utsumi, will be a new eyecatcher of  sightseeing in Kamakura.

The map of Eisho-ji temple and its area in Kawamura

By the way,  Yorifusa Tokugawa’s second son and a brother of  Yorishige Matsudaira was  Mitsukuni Tokugawa, the second lord of Mito clan.  A TV drama series “Mito-kohmon (/水戸黄門)” featuring Mitsukuni as the hero has been one of the longest and most popular drama, has been going on consecutively for 42 years.  The stories are fictitious but the descriptions of heroic action plots of Mitsukuni and his subjects all of whom hide their indentities and solve problems defeating villains at each episode while traveling around the country is quite simple but easy and enthusiastically welcomed by a lot of people in Japan.

The three main parts of "Mito-kohmon", the central old man is Mitsukuni Tokugawa or Mito-kohmon, and the other two are his reliable strong retainers

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