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Once upon a time

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 11月 4, 2013

Once  upon a time, there lived a sexy princess who lived happily ever after …

A lingerie brand Triumph collaborated with FOLLI FOLLIE for a romantic princess themed lingeries.
Not only is it sexy, but this line gives a sweet romantic mood, which gives an ordinary girl to feel like a fairy tale princess.

A lingerie line for younger girls, AMO’S STYLE by Triumph (which is run by Triumph ), launched their ever first collaboration series, AMO’S STYLE by Triumph x Folli Follie.

Targeted towards young girls, the theme of this line is a “fairy tale princess”. All girls and grown up girls have a princess in them, and this is your time to channel your princess with in you. Fairy tales aren’t just for small girls. Even as a grown up, there is a  hidden desire for wanting to be a princess. Obviously, dressing up in a fancy princess outfits and heading to work doesn’t seem like an option. So why not wear a princess inspired lingerie!?

This line is surely inspired by many of the princesses in our favourite fairy tales.
Shazam! that sparkle you get when you are under the spell of magic, the dress, tiara, glass shoes…


FOLLI FOLLIE ‘s holiday season includes 14 items, that ihas their original design charms attached to the lingerie (4830yen) and cute room wears (3675yen).

Make sure to get your hands on few items before they run out. Because of course, all girls would want to be  princesses!



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Furry Fluffy paws and head

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 10月 27, 2013

Not only because of Halloween, but in Japan dressing up in animal paw mittens and furry animal hats are starting to become a trend.


Walking around in these wild outfits seems a bit nerve racking, but matching it up with your friends makes it exciting.

For those shy ones out there, wearing these cute ducklings socks might be the item for you.

The design of these socks makes it look like your feet are getting bit by ducks and snakes! yikes!

“I’m a sucker for these kind of unique items. When I see them at stores, I can’t help but to buy them. I just have a thing for them!” It is a big craze for young teenage girls.


Socks with paws are sold for those who prefer to ” take a small part” in being an animal. 

And for girls who prefer to switch back to human any time they want, masks that makes you look like this bear is a must for you.

Furry animal costume is a fashion item for fall and winter. It seems like the trend will be hiking up even more!


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Sparkle in the eyes, popularity for coloured lenses hiking up

By Mana - Last updated: 金曜日, 10月 18, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…  but the definition of a beautiful girl seems to be changing for young Japanese girls. Coloured lenses are gaining its popularity again.

Coloured lenes used to be a holy grail item for teenage “gals”,making their eyes stand out and giving it that extra “pop”. Recently, many women in their 20’s and 30’s are relying on contacts, rather than make up . Compared to before, there are wider variations in contacts, such as lenses that are framed with black linings to make your eyes appear larger, which enables women to wear less make up and still look beautiful. With easy access to contacts, many young women find it easy to shop for lenses, as if they are shopping for make up.

Making their eyes look larger in a natural way, circle lenses seems to be the favourite type for many girls. An office worker who has been using circle lenses for a year commented, ” Wearing colour lenses defines your eyes and makes me feel better. Without them, I feel a bit naked”.



Blue lenses to brighten up your face, circle lenses to define your eyes… the list of types of lenses goes on and on.
For girls who wants to  stand out from the crowd, why not try lenses with patterns of laces and animated characters.


A beauty magazine editor said,

” Women these days have the tendency to go for light natural eye make up to avoid looking too counterfeit. With light make up, it makes them look “born beautiful””.


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“That” place, which is full of surprises!

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 10月 14, 2013


“That” place… it”s the place everyone is talking about. ASOKO, translated to ” that”place, opened in one of the hottest fashion spots, Harajuku.

On September 27th (Fri) 2013, the daily goods store flagship, ASOKO opened in Harajuku.


Colourful, playful, exciting… More than 1000 items from around the world is displayed in a gallery like space. Once you step in to this store, I swear you will feel like a kid in a candy store. You will be amazed and gazed!

The concept of this store is ” to enjoy surprises!”  Who doesn’t like surprises?
You might be wondering what kind of surprises this store offers.


This deliciously looking burgers and cherries are are actually erasers! and to add icing on the cake, it’s only 21 yen!

They offer a wide range of prices: the lowest being 21 yen and highest being 20,000 yen.
You will be in awe with the prices and range of goods they give you.

Generations and gender is not a problem when it comes to this store. They offer a wide range of items, not only stylish, but playful and gives you a fun twist to the design.


Take a wild guess! What does this burger look like?
If you  guessed to be a memo pad, you are absolutely right! It’s one of the most popular item in Osaka.
(small: 105 yen, large:210 yen)
This burger has his friends too! Sandwiches and Hot dogs!


” ASOKO” Harajuku store gives pleasant surprises and a little spice to the ordinary “Congratulations” and “Thank you” gifts. Please step in to the store that is filled with surprises.

<ASOKO Harajuku flagship>
Address:Tokyo Shibuya wwrd, Meiji Jingu-mae 6-27-8

Tel: 03-6427-9965
Hours of operation: 11:00~20:00
Days of holiday: Not decided



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Tokyo Odaiba, the hot spot for tourists

By Mana - Last updated: 金曜日, 10月 4, 2013

Many business facilities in Tokyo Odaiba are luring foreign tourists with enticements.
With the Tokyo Olympic being held in Tokyo, we can just imagine that Tokyo is going to be filled with excitement and tourists.

The Divercity Tokyo Plaza’s tour bus reservation has exceeded their estimate on the amount of tourists and are busy adjusting the number of stocks as well and staffs who can speak foreign languages.
They are also handing out coupons for the tourists in the buses which can be used for shopping.

Burberry Blue Label, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, The Watch Shop are few of the popular brands which has been taking over 60% of the sales.


Aqua City Odaiba built a break room for tour bus drivers as well. It is said that 10% of the customers are tourists.

The popularity for Odaiba just wont stop!
20% of VenusFort’s July-Augsts sales  are made up from tourists. Tenants are having inbound meetings every month, exchanging informations and making pointers on servicing tourists.

10% of Decks Tokyo Beach’s sales are made up from tourists as well. Hoping for a further increase, they are holding language trainings and presenting themselves in the media.

Summer sales is one of the biggest shopping event in japan. They offered a limited time sales, which a lot of customers enjoyed shopping spree.
They hope to make good business and set them a part from their competing area, Yokohama Minatomirai, which their business has been going up as well.


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Loose socks, the JKs must item makes a come back with a modern twist

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 9月 29, 2013

Ties, ribbons, pleaded mini skirts… the list goes on and on for stylish Japanese school girls who wants to set them a part from their fellow class mates.

Loose socks were definitely the holy grail item for the school girls in the late 1900s. But, the loose socks did not just end as a fad. It made a come back with a modern and  a more sophisticated twist. Coloured socks.




Loose socks were only used for school girls to match with their uniforms, but the new loose socks are designed to match for a wider age range and outfits.

Wearing them with regular outfits, and doubling it up… Many girls show their creative taste in fashion with it. It has made a big change from how it was originally worn from the school girls. Plain white.

In these couple of years, pairing up socks with outfits has become the style.
Girls strong demands for variations has made a shift to the loose socks. After models started wearing loose socks in this spring’s fashion magazines, it made a huge hit.

The girls favourite style seems to be wearing navy high socks underneath the loose socks and let it peak at the top. This prevents from the loose socks falling loose, and it makes your legs look toned.


With different colours, materials, and combinations, the style you can go for is countless.


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Sing your heart out and stream it live! Joysound meets Nikoniko videos

By Mana - Last updated: 木曜日, 9月 26, 2013

The franchise karaoke team, “Joy sound” and “Nikoniko video” collaborated to provide the latest service called ” Niko kara room”. The selling point of this service is to stream live while you sing your heart out.

Customers who desire to stream would rent a laptop and connect the LAN cable to the karaoke machine.Then, you would enter your  Niko kara ID and pick the song you would sing. Everything you need for streaming, such as cameras are lent out for free.


Viewers are able to add comments below the videos.

Both sides are able to enjoy this system. Viewers are able to request songs they want the singer to sing.


Users are mainly 20’s and 30’s. The majority of them sings anime songs, as well as songs made from vocaloid. Some customers sings a long with their friends as if they are at a party.


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The gigantic mall, AEON Makuhari Shintoshin

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 9月 21, 2013

On Dec.20th, the AEON group is going to open  the AEON mall in the heart of Makuhari in Chiba Mihama ward.



This new mall is not a typical mall you would see. It is filled with  entertainment and simulating services, and well as event spaces in 10 different areas.

It’s a complete new concept mall which focuses on ideas and not just products.


It is built around several different themes. Targeted towards the adults is the  “Grand  mall”, for the families is the “Family mall, “Activity mall” for sports and electronics, and last but not least, a pet themed area which is the ” Pet mall”.


The Grand mall has the same concept as the “Tsutaya” book store in Dakanyama. Their menus has a sophisticated taste, which includes an array of alcohol and dinner items with welcomes customers with 1300 seatings.



A comedy theatre ” Yoshimoto” will fulfill your entertainment.


For the family mall,they carry kids and baby stores, as well as “Kandu”, a work simulating park and “Toei hero world” .


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Parco x Vantan starts project for the “young designers in the making”

By Mana - Last updated: 木曜日, 9月 19, 2013

Fashion building Parco and fashion institute Vantan collaborates to start their project to help Asia’s next generation’s “designers in the making”.

Asia Fashion Collection 2013-14 -Global Incubation Project


Selected young designers from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and brands from Vantan students will debut on the runway of Mercedes Benz Fashion week on October 9th ( Tokyo) and show their work on New york stage on February 2014.

During the Tokyo runway event, they will collaborate with fashion events that will be taking place in Shibuya Parco.

Not only will they be involved in fashion events in Japan and New york, but they will have fashion events around Asian countries for press shows and orders.

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First Hollister store in Japan

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 9月 15, 2013

First Hollister store opened in Yokohama Japan!



Abercrombie & Fitch opened their first Hollister store in Yokohama Lalaport Japan on September 14th.



Just like their original store, the South California inspired theme shop carries both men and women clothing and goods.



The surface area inside the shop is 637.5㎡



They carry the ever first arrival of “Gilly Hicks”.



In the centre of the shop, there is a lounge area for the cashier and fragrances which divides men and women wear.



Unlike Abercrombie & Fitch that targets college students, Hollister is targeted towards high school students. The Hollister store in Yokohama is said that they brought the whole American concept to their store in Japan.


Hey, what’s up? Welcome to the pier!

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CUTE CUBE opened in Harajuku!

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 9月 11, 2013

On September 6th Friday 2013, a new shop ” CUTE CUBE  HARAJUKU” has opened in Harajuku takeshita street.

The shop, B1 and 1st floor.
“MONKI HARAJUKU”‘s first store opened in Kantou area. It’s the H&M group fashion brand.
*floor guide*
1st floor:
31 ice cream:Selling their most popular 31 flavours!
OSEWAYA: New items in store everyday! They have a wide selection of trendy accessories.
ATOMICBOXX: First web shop! They carry LIP SERVICE and other popular brands.
CANDY・A・GO・GO Harajuku Takeshita street shop: Colourful and exciting snacks are sold by weight!
ASOBISTATION: “Something” happens every weekend! A limited time shop.
sanrio vivitix HARAJUKU: SANRIO presents, an antena shop towards teens.
2nd floor:
SPINS Harajuku Takeshita street shop: A shop with crazy hypes from the Harajuku girls!
3rd floor:
DESSERT Collection: Just like a party! A confectionary shop filled with Kawaii (cuteness)
Sousaku Omurice, Pomme no Ki (meaning apple tree): A wide variety of fluffy omelette rice.
This statue ( Colourful Rebellion “OCTOPUS”) is a CUTE CUBE symbol, which is designed by  the  pioneer of the Kawaii culture, Masuda Sebastian.
CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU is located in the centre of Takeshita street, where the “Kawaii” culture is spreading and radiating out to the world. Gaining a lot of attention and popularity, they want to expand and send their power and spirit around the world.
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AEON mall’s “flagship” store at Makuhari Shintoshin

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 2月 13, 2013

Aeon mall Makuhari Shintoshin, which Tenkai-japan does planning and lease consulting has finally started their construction!!

This flagship store is going to be built at a spacious 192,000㎡, which you are able to view from the Aeon tower (The head quarter of the Aeon group)
It will be built right by your foot.


The concept of this store is ” Place where “passion” is born”.

-Premium Life style zone

-Experience Hobby zone

-Next generation entertainment zone

-Cool Japan collection zon

-Edutainment with your family zone

all together 10 “passion creation” zone, which allows you to not only consume products, but also connect with reality through experience and create a story together.
It is a shopping mall designed for people who wish to enjoy life by consuming products and experience.

It seems like Aeon mall is going to be a perfect flagship store for what’s coming up in the future.


Location: Chiba prefecture Chiba city Mihama-ku Toyosuna 1-13

Open day: 2013 Dec.






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A dream come true! Atelier Pierrot and Cutie Honey collaboration!

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 1月 22, 2013

What would happen if the strong and cute Cutie Honey wore Atelier Pierrot’s clothing?
Well, your dream has come true.

A lot of thought went towards the fabric, silhouette, and they have created sexy, cute pieces of:
Corset one piece

If you don’t buy it now, you may not be able to get your hands on them later!

Cutie Honey collaboration corset one-piece 26,250 yen
Cutie Honey T-shirt (Black/White)                4,980yen

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Atelier Pierrot -Osaka Tea Party Information

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 1月 22, 2013

I would like to announce that on Feb.3rd(Sun), Atelier Pierrot Osaka is going to have a tea party!

Of course, we would like you to enjoy tea with the other members, staffs, games, photo shoots and enjoy the atmosphere different from your daily life!
We will have some awesome prizes waiting for you.


*Pierrot mini circus*
~Fashion show and tea party~

2013, Feb. 3rd (Sun) 13:00~16:00

“Mini Fashion show”
Atelier Pierrot Osaka

“Tea Party”
A cafe in Shinsaibashi
(We will inform you the name of the cafe, only to those who are attending)

*What is it about*
“Fashion show”
A fashion show that is created by our staffs and model, which focuses on the new Atelier Pierrot garments.

“Tea Party”
We will provide the snacks and drinks.
You can also enjoy games, photo shoots and will be going home with a special  gift.



*Dress code*
Please come wearing the brands that Atelier Pierrot provides.
( You can even show up with their accessories or something small. Doesn’t have to be a full outfit!)

Wearing Atelier Pierrot’s clothes is  not necessary, but please refrain from wearing jeans, sneakers, and other casual attires.

A magazine interview will be held on this day.
There is a possibility that your picture might be taken.

Anybody under 12 years of age will not be allowed.

This will be a non-smoking environment.

Please understand that we may ask you to leave if you act or speak in a way that may cause problems to other people.

*How to attend*

We will start selling tickets from 2013 Jan 20 (Sun).
It will be first come first serve.
Up to 4 tickets per person.

Ladies: 3,150     Gentlemen: 3,675

*We will not sell tickets through the phone.
*We will not accept cancellation after the purchase of the tickets.
*We will send you the ticket the day after your purchase.

Even if this is your first tea part, please do not hesitate to join! Our staffs will support you and make sure you will be very satisfied!

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2013 Happy New Year!!

By Mana - Last updated: 金曜日, 1月 4, 2013

Last year, TENKAI JAPAN has become a corporate company.
This is from nothing but everyone’s support and help.

This year is the year of snake.
This year, I would like to shed and grow out like a snake.

I can not wait to show the new and fresh take of COOL JAPAN.
Please look forward to it!!

Please continue to support TENKAI JAPAN in 2013.



2013 New Year
Tenkai Japan Corporation


Kurita Makoto

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