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Sending the message from Japan ” Arch & Coach”

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 11月 1, 2015

With the  concept of ” Earth Lifestyle”, the brand “Arch & Coach” has opened.

The ever first store opened on October 23rd at AEON mall  Shijounawatoshi in Osaka.


Arch & Coach Living Shop



Arch & Coach Living interior

We had many customers with the great help and support from the staffs. I appreciate everyone who took park  in this.



Arch & Coach goods


Arch & Coach cashier

I promise to keep pursuing the best for the Japan’s Earth Lifestyle” shop. I appreciate everyone’s warm support.




Arch & Coach

President Kurita Makoto


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Japan’s first “Earth lifestyle” store, ARCH and COACH opens

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 10月 3, 2015

Japan’s first “Earth lifestyle”store will open in Osaka AEON mall.

Everything from the earth…and from our hands…

This is Japan’s first “Made in the Earth”.

Innovation of creating products from mother nature with traditional techniques, and the thought of the people using the product and being eco-friendly. A new relationship between the creator, the user and the earth. Goods that brings happiness and kindness from the warm sun light and the breezy wind even when living in the centre of the city.

We present you Japan’s first “Made in the Earth” happiness.


We will create an arch.

Creating a “relationship” between.


Having ”Made in the Earth” as the keyword…

We will offer a new sense of value with the power of creating and movement.


We will coach,

By using a skilled instructor to extract uniqueness from products and customers.

Teaching a way of life that best suits you.



We will expand this.

Earth’s “ACHI-KOCHI”

Japan’s first “Earth lifestyle”.

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Japan’s 7-11 becoming more convenient than ever with 100 tax free shops

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 7月 29, 2015

7-11 Japan announced to expand their tax free service for foreigners and tourists. Having about 30 tax free 7-11, it will increase to 100 by the end of July. They are installing new cashier system with reduced time in tax free registration and making “convenience store” aptly named than ever.


Not only do they have information and product explanations in English, Chinese, Korean and other languages, they also have the “7 spot” which offers free Wi-fi. Another good news is that language selection for the ATM machine will increase from 4 to 12 with in 2015.


Their strategy is great. They have products that sells like cake by the register. It only takes about 3 minutes for the tax free registration to finish, which is 1/3 of how it was. With their rival stores Lawson and Family Mart only installing tax free in few stores, 7-11 is taking a great lead.


With having tax free system for some of the stores, average spending cost goes up to 70,000 yen. The most popular products include the 7-11 limited Kose skin care products which sell few hundreds of their hit washing foam in a day. 7-11 will continue to impress foreigners and make it even more convenient for everyone.


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Non-no exclusive model debut- Yui Shinkawa

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 6月 28, 2015

Yui Shinkawa, not only did she debut as a Non-no (popular fashion magazine) exclusive model, but she is the face for the cover of non-no. You’d be able to get your hands on these copy for the August issue which will were sold on June.20th.  It is  the first to just debut and have the cover.


The August issue is full of Yui. The contents include her interview for work, family, summer fashion, secret to her beauty, off shots and hobbies. It really goes deep in to Yui’s real life. The editors commented how Yui is probably perceived as cool and casual, but she can actually pull off sweet, mature, feminine and has more dimension than you think.  ” We really believe that she can be the true face of Non-no.” the entire editor team left a comment.



Yui herself commented, ” I want to give Non-no my vibe as well as showing off the new me.”.

Born in 1993 December, she won the grand prize of ” Miss Magazine 2010″. In 2011, she won the ” Miss. Seventeen 2011″ and was an exclusive model for Seventeen magazine for 4 years.


She was also chosen as No.1 for ” The model Junior and High school boys want as a girlfriend.”


Not only is she working in the modelling field, but also as a actress for movies and dramas.


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Covered in bubbles, THE BUBBLE RUN

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 5月 2, 2015

THE BUBBLE RUN in Chiba prefecture!

Aiming for the goal tape while being covered in foam bubbles that gets released from the bubble machine took place in Chiba prefecture Makuhari park. The running course is 3km long, as has 3 places with the bubble machines. It shoots out yellow, blue, and pink colour bubble, perfect for the upcoming summer weather! The participants enjoyed running through the bubbles. Because this is not a competitive running event, every person was able to enjoy this event.

image002 image004

After the goal, there were popular DJs and artists showing off their performance while the participants danced to the beat covered in bubble. This out door “bubble party” event was a great success with 10,000 participants.

The BUBBLE RUN will also take place on Aug.29(Sat) and the 3oth (Sun) in Osaka Maishima Arena. Unique fun runs is a great trend, why not enjoy the perfect blend of music and bubble!?









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”Kawaii”-the every girl’s dream

By Mana - Last updated: 木曜日, 4月 16, 2015

Exhibition for girls who wants to be “kawaii”

A woman photographer “Edamame’s” aesthetics is ” girl’s cuteness can only be made by girls”.
Her first photo exhibition with the theme ” I’m going to turn cute, okay?” will be held on April 22nd (Wed) to April 26th (Sun) at Asagaya TAV GALLERY.


With the concept ” all girls have the hope to be cute”, she is going to exhibit photos where she posted online and exclusively for this exhibition.


She uses photography as a communication tool with the models and the girls. Being a woman herself, she understands deeply about women’s strong sense. She captures photos of models with their look as well as their instability of feeling crushed by pressure. That’s the beauty she sees in them.


Edamame exhibition “I’m going to turn cute, okay?”

2015.04.22(Wed) – 04.26(Sun)@TAV GALLERY

OPEN 11:00/CLOSE 20:00


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Laforet Harajyuku with new and renewed stores

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 4月 1, 2015

From 2015 Spring, Laforet Harajyuku renewed 30 stores with high end brands, new creators,and  food zone (first ever store in Japan)! Not only limited to fashion, but includes the three of people, objects and things, which is the concept of the brands included this time.






The exciting thing is that from March 20/Friday, Laforet increased their limited shop “contenna” to 8times more than their previous size. They are showcasing what they think is interesting and whats it’s now and next. Justin Davis presented their new bridal collection on first floor.

Also, the highly waited ” The dress and tights store” opened, as well as “BANK” which focuses their concept on ” 100% Japanese brand clothing”.  The “ROTARI PARKER” sells accessories that fools with your mind! It only looks like real snacks and food!
BATTY GARAGW AYMMYS is a selected store produced by “Aymmy in the batty girls” by Seto Ayumi.


Justin Davis



At the beginning of April, a concept shop by the Harajuku street culture pioneer, NIGO will open. A shop produced by the hands of NIGO, includes not only creativity, but projects from his wide connections.

The highly designed and comfy shoes brand UNITED NUDE will open its store at Laforet.




The dress and thighs store


PUNYUS , produced by the comedian NAOMI WATANBE has her limited shop until April 5th. From small size to extra large size, it fits for everyone!

Lastly, the first every in Japan is the burrito specialty store called GYG. A nice snack after shopping sounds good, doesn’t? It seems like this Spring, you can enjoy Laforet in a different way!

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The 20th Tokyo Girl’s Collection. 33700 fashionistas attends and hits the highest record

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 3月 9, 2015

The 20th Tokyo Girl’s Collection 2015 Spring/Summer (TGC) was held on Feb.28th at the venue in Yoyogi. 33700 fashionistas attended to watch their favorite models strut the runway, as well as 303 media companies, which added up to 1,021 staff related members. This all hit the highest amount of attendants, and event staffs.
The show started off with Kiko Mizuhara, followed by Yu Yamada after her pregnancy. Rinka did he cat walk for the first time in 5 years, and finished off with BIG BANG; a perfect show all the way to the end to celebrate TGC’s 10th anniversary.


The theme of this year’s TGC was “Power of Fashion!” which was a good blend of 70’s, relaxed feminine, girly military, denim, whites and the most trendy items of spring and summer. image002

The first half of the show included RINKA with her brand MAISON DE REEFU, Tsubasa Masuwaka’s EATME、Yukina Kinoshita’s Avan Lily、Yu Yanada modelling forEMODA, and the first ever Miss Dior. The show continued in heat with a special appearance of the actress Kasumi Arimura, and the actor Sota Fukushi promoting their morive “Strobo Edge”. The first half of the show finished off with a dynamic liv performance by the comedian and designer Naomi Watanabe  (PUNYUS).


The second half included BEAMS, with the hit comedian KUMAMUSHI singing their most famous ” attakaindakara” along with “Rusuun Gorerai” ‘s 8.6 second bazooka.
The actor Go Ayano walked the runway looking sleek and stylish.
The second half ended with the famous hair salon SHIMA ‘s hair show with an exciting performace by the BIG BANG!


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Node Uehara, a collaboration of food and living

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 2月 25, 2015

Node Uehara, an unique combination of a mall and residence will open in Yoyogi Uehara, Odakyu line Yoyogi Uehara station in spring 2015. It is a very compact and the theme for this project is “food plus living”. While having high consciousness for food, ” making, eating, connecting” is the concept for those who want to achieve a high lifestyle.


The basement and the first flood has gourment restaurants, grocery shops and cafes with high quality ingredients.  The floors between the 2nd and 4th floors are available for DINKS and SOHO residences. With connection to other events, they want to spread the pros of Yoyogi Uehara to the world. Please feel the keyword “food” when you have the chance to drop by.


Node Uehara

2015, Spring

Address: Tokyo Shibuya ward, Nishi hara city 3-11-5, 11-11

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MUJI, the simple, clean and the beautiful brand

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 1月 26, 2015

MUJI is a lifestyle brand that creates products to enhance your life style with the concept of their own aesthetics of ” a good life”.


” Our lifestyle is made from living with various kinds of products.” For example, you have a chair you always sit on at home.  Thinking that you are “living with the chair” adds fullness to your life.” said the product planner Kanei Masaaki.

“You leave your office at 6:30, come home listen to music, watch tv, spend the time with your family surrounded by the life style products you chose. There’s nothing more healthy than this life style. This is what is a called a good life.”

Kanei himself is still experimenting what he calls ” a good life”.


” I only do what I enjoy at home lol. Taking my dog  for a walk, and shopping for interiors and decors. I enjoy eating seasonal food with simple cooking style. I think thats why I don’t feel stressed from work. Actually, I respect the MUJI brand, so it’s natural for me not to feel stressed nor tired.”

MUJI brand was created in the 80’s when an affluent life style was in trend. MUJI searched for “beauty” in simple products. This is the answer to their long quest of their product and brand imaging.

” And one day, I believe MUJI will become a world renown word. I believe in it.”


Recently, MUJI has expanded to China.  Amongst other similar concept brands, it is said that UNIQLO and MUJI are the only brands that are making a profit in China.

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Get your skates on! Ice rink under Tokyo Sky Tree.

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 1月 14, 2015

The first limited time ” Tokyo Sky Tree Town Ice Skate”  opened at Tokyo Sora Machi.



The rink is on until March 8th and the well known child actress as well as figure skater Miyu Honda and her sister made a guest appearance.

image003 image004

With the great view of skating right under neath the sky tree, you can skate freely in this 400m2 rink. At night, the Tokyo Sky Tree lights up, with the illumination around makes the place just breath taking. You can skate with Sorakara chan and enjoy the day!

There are food stands in the rink, where you can just go around with your skates on. Delicious soup of the day and hot chocolate will warm your body up! For those beginners, don’t worry! A “10 minute One point lesson” from a staff ice skater will give you a private lesson.

With the popular figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu and Mao Asada, ice skating became a popular sports amongst children.


■ Tokyo Sky Tree Town Ice Skate 東京スカイツリータウン アイススケート


Hours of Operation:11:00~20:00(Closing entrance time19:30)

It may close due to the weather


場 所:東京スカイツリータウン4階 スカイアリーナ





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Anime explosion! Tokyo One Piece Tower

By Mana - Last updated: 木曜日, 1月 1, 2015

Japan is known for their creative anime and manga. Each year they make a hit and many foreigners show a keen interest in them and “One Piece” is one of the biggest hit manga in Japan.

Anyone in town for spring (March,13) 2015, Japan will be opening its first “One piece” themed amusement park called “Tokyo One Piece Tower”.


Although it is not set in stone,  this venue is planning an attraction event called
Find Poneglyph’s Robbin!” and shops with original limited goods. I bet big fans can’t wait to get their hands on them!


The “Tokyo One Piece Tower” is based on the TV animation “ONE PIECE”, and have attraction rides with Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and other character themed as well as simulation live entertainment show to experience adventure and bonds between the characters. It’s just like the anime!


On top of the goods store, there are cafes and restaurants with originals food and sweets where you can fully enjoy the anime theme. Talking about the anime over a cup of One Piece themed coffee sounds good, doesn’t?

Advanced tickets will be sold from January 2nd 2015, and latest news about “Tokyo One Piece Tower” will be shown on their official website!

image008 image010

■Tokyo One Piece Tower

Venue:Tokyo Minato ward, Shiba kouen 4-2-8 Tokyo Tower Foot Town

Hours of operation: 10:00~22:00   *First day March/13 from 13:00

Ticket Price: On the day  Adults: 3,200 yen   Child: (4~12 years old) 1,600 yen
Tickets bought in advance: Adults: 3,000 yen  Child:(4~12 years old) 1,500yen


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The “rolled out of bed” look is the new look

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 12月 22, 2014

Yuri Hanamori studied photography in the states, and came to this masterpiece photo book on girls who “Just rolled out of bed”. She snapped 17 girls who actually just got out of bed at their own homes in their comfy PJs. This includes actresses and idols as well.


She suggests that “girls are the cutest when they just woke up”. With the warm morning light wrapping around the soft, innocent girls, the girls are truly “themselves”.  Not everyone can see you when you just wake up. Only those special close ones have the chance to catch you at that moment.


Each girls have their own story, which includes striking beauty, heart melting cuteness and mature sexy. It’s one of those special books where you just want to keep in your book shelf forever.


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6 companies including “Yoshimoto” joined to promote Japanese entertainment

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 11月 25, 2014

On October 30th, the “MCIP Holdings” was established to promote Japanese entertainment in all over Asia.

This was done by Yoshimoto Kogyo、Dentetsu, Dwango、Sony Music Entertainment、The Jikei of Colleges, and the Aeonmall with the contribution of 21 million dollar by 21 Cool Japan Fund Inc.。The purpose is to create and promote Japanese entertainment to Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.


The contents have a wide varation, which includes idols, girl’s culture, the quirky pop culture and even food to traditional culture and skills. The contents will vary with each country’s culture and needs.

They are aiming for Asia’s contribution via event, live music, audition, digital media, local medial and the social media.


According to the conference held by Yoshimoto, they held the “Asia Anison-singer Audition” which is the Asia version of ” I will live in your city project”. Using the prototype that made business in Taiwan, it is the audition for girls project, chefs, vocaloids, idols, and anime songs.


Further plan is to hold events at the Aeonmall which is spreading to foreign countries, using the Aeonmall Makuhari shintoshin as a model.



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Where would you buy it? Backpacks for elementary schools

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 10月 22, 2014

A ransel is a big sturdy Japanese back packs that elementary school students must use. The big size ransels holds text books, stationaries and all other goods used in schools. Since students use this bag through out their 6 years in elementary school, it basically represents them.


Since it is depicted in animes and movies, many foreigners know what ransels are.


Traditionally, girls used red and boys used black ransels, but recently there are many colors sold.
For girls, pinks seems to be the popular one, where as black, green, marine blue and brown navy are poplar amongst boys.


Many companies are starting to sell ransels for next spring. These pretty expensive back packs are usually bought by their grandparents, instead of their parents.
AEON, the highest ransel selling mall is aiming to sell about 300 thousand ransels. It retails from 68,000 yen to 88,000 yen. They have an interesting service where customers (in this case, grandparents) who bought the product can take pictures with their grandchildren.

The second highest selling compay, Itoh Yokado aims to sell 100,000 ransels.
On the other hand affordable brand Nitori is selling ransels for 29000 yen.

Of course, high end department stores like Isetan, Mitsukoshi, and Takashimaya  are also selling them too.


Foreigners and tourists, especially from China buys ransels for souvenirs. It is also popular in the states and even sold in airports.


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