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New brand “PUNYUS” for glamorous curvy women

By Mana - Last updated: 木曜日, 3月 6, 2014

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
I personally think women with curves are attractive, but living in Japan, it’s difficult to get your hands on plus sized clothing, but this new brand PUNYUS by WEGO is a definite game changer.

The brand PUNYUS ( onomatopoeia for SQUISHY) is produced by the famous japanese comedian, Watanabe Naomi. In the beginning of April, she is going to present her debut collection inspired by Harajyuku street wear with 60’s and 90’s hip hop glamour. 


This brand PUNYUS represents girl’s feelings and emotions, and is not caught with just one concept and design. With variety of sizes ranging from free size to 6L, prices are also wallet friendly from t shirts starting from 3,900 yen, bottoms from 3,900 and dresses from 5,900 yen.

image005 image006

The total producer Naomi Watanabe being a crazy fan of Beyonce, she herself is 158cm, being 76kg,B96cm/W90cm/H96cm and self claimed H cup.

With the PUNYUS presentation press, Shingo Fujimori a comedian duo from Oriental Radio, Babazono from Asian, and Spike came out as a guest to talk about the concept of this brand. Naomi left a comment saying ” It was my first tim making clothes lie this. I also drew the illustration where it is printed on the items.” Other than being a great Beyonce fan, she shows off her talent as a great designer too.

image002 image003

WEGO is a clothing brand which the headvquarter is in Tokyo Shibuya ward (Also in Harajuku and Saibashi). Having a casual fashion concept, WEGO targets young folks in their teens to 20’s. They also carry w♥c, which was a brand produced by a Japanese celebrity, Chinatsu Wakatsuki (Contract finished in 2013).

So now for those fashionistas out there! Time to go on a shopping spree 🙂

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Feeling “over the moon” with the “Space brothers” gallery

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 2月 25, 2014

The ever first major gallery of the popular manga ” The space brothers” will be taking place in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Japan, and other prefectures from May. A passionate story on brother hood; portraying brothers aiming to become astronauts and traveling to space together.
With 200 pieces of art work pages, and TV anime settings, the JAXA will post their space related work, enticing people to take a look.

image002 image001

This gallery was inspired by the author, Chuya Koyama’s aesthetics of “having children gain interests towards space via the gallery”.

The first section ” Prologue-  The child era- aspiring astronauts with desire to go to space”
to the 2nd section, ” colored work pieces, manga, and anime gallery”  are said to have up to 5 sections and the majority of the work are going to be introduced.

image003 image004 image005

Some areas in the gallery don’t allow photos to be taken, there is a space for big fan to wear astronauts costumes and taking photos.

This beautiful gallery will be taking place in Mitsukoshi Ginza May16th, Tokyobunka Museum from July 30~ Jan.25th.

The space brother gallery infos:


Place: 2014/May/1st 9 (Thursdays)  until the 6th (Tuesday and Wedneday)

TIme 10:00~18:30 (gate opens at 7pm)

The last day will be until 17:00 (gate closes around 17:30)

Setting: Nihonbashi Japanse Mitsukoshi 7th floor gallery


Entrance fee: Normal/University students 800yen

High school/junior school      600yen

Kids under elementary schools not charged.


*planning to show around prefectures*




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Wonder Woman? No! It’s Sailormoon lingerie

By Mana - Last updated: 木曜日, 2月 20, 2014

We’ve all had our favorite childhood hero.
Wether you’re a boy or a girl. You close your eyes and imagine yourself saving the world, dressed up in their super hero costumes.

Even as an adult we still have that lingering feeling, wanting to be our dream hero.
Of course, unless it’s Halloween, sane adults would not sport a full on hero suit and commute.
But for those who want to be their hero for a day, the major lingerie brand ” PEACH JOHN” has made your dream come true.
They’ve created a Sailormoon lingerie, so people won’t be giving you the odd stare.

Sailormoon celebrating their 20th anniversary, they’ve collaborated with PEACH JOHN with their “BRA SET”, letting you be each of the Sailormoon characters. They also have 4 different kinds of PJs inspired by it.


Sailormoon starting their story in “NAKAYOSHI” from 1991, it has gained popularity beyond the border of Japan. Celebrating their anniversary, figures, cosmetics, musicals and new animes have been starting.
With the PEACH JOHN’s bra sets, ribbons are detachable for more conventional use.

The prices range from 1,800~4,980 yen, sold from end of February.

Now, let your inner hero come out!

image004 image005 image006 image007

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Kumamon x Rika Doll ever first collaboration

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 2月 11, 2014

As a little girl, we all had our favourite stuffed animal. Perhaps a soft huggable teddy bear.
Imagine your favorite teddy in a life size bear! Then, Kumamon, the black, goofy cute Kumamoto prefecture’s PR character is the one.
And as an adult, we all remember playing with our dolls. Dressing them up, and having little tea parties.

A major Japanese merchandise and entertainment company “Takara Tomy” has introduced  their ever first and the ultimate collaboration product of “Kumamon and Rika doll”, seen on store shelves from February 1st.


The Rika doll has a chic black based dress and rocking some red boots. This was inspired by the “Kumamon dance crew” girls, who dances with Kumamon at events. The hair cutely tied in twin tails with hair ties that look like Kumamon’s ears. To add icing on the cake, it comes with a 6.5cm Kumamon plushie.


The back of the packaging is decorated with various Kumamoto prefecture’s signature products. The Rika doll is introducing Dekopon ( A type of sweet, juicy orange) and baby’s breath. You can get your hands on these cuties at most toy stores, departments stores, and Aeon online stores.

Rika surprised Kumamon with a kiss at the Kumamoto event.
Kumamon being surprised and flattered with this cute surprise present, he froze for a second, making the audience crack up. Maybe an early Valentine’s gift? <3


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Ready for a shopping spree? Vivienne Westwood Anglomania opening in Laforet Harajuku

By Mana - Last updated: 水曜日, 2月 5, 2014

We all love shopping.
Especially when it comes to Harajuku, the edgy and fashion forward area in Tokyo.
Many celebrities take a visit to check out the people and the style that you can only experience here.
Daring, self expressive, one of a kind… The kind of things you would spot in this fashion city.

The Harajuku Omotesando fashion building, Laforet Harajuku will open Japan’s first Vivienne Westwood Anglomania unit store on Feb.22/14.


This diffusion line of Vivienne Westwood all started in 1998 SS.
Making it accessible and affordable, yet maintaing the brand’s concept and style, you can enjoy Vivienne Westwood items.
From 14SS, they started a collaboration license line with the Vivienne Westwood in the UK.
The very Vivienne-esque patterns, prints and other modified archival designs can be seen.


With the Women’s wear in 14SS, Vivienne’s first home wear, beach towels, life style goods and items made from reused materials are sold.

Vivienne Westwood doesn’t just stop here.
Taking in environmental concerns in to account, and her innovative mind she has once again made another fantastic creation.
Using the waste that are produced, leather jewelry are made which is inspired by the paper jewelry design that was shown in the Gold Label line. Tote bags, Socks, Tights, Patch word handmade Stuffed animal ” Sock Animal” ( L/ 31,500 yen S/19,950 yen) are made from reused coffee bean bags.
Who thought coffee bags can look this cute?

Interior decor will take you to a Vivienne world.
Made from abandoned ship materials, the cashier section has an upside down London Piccadilly Circus graphic image.
For those Vivienne lovers, an original eco bottle is ready to be handed out for a celebration novelties. Hurry before they run out!



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AEON mall Makuharishintoshin -5 A mall for pets

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 1月 28, 2014

Pets have become a necessity in life for some people.
Keeping you company and adding color to your life, pets now have the same privilege as us human.

The biggest “Pet mall” in Japan  is a great place for cats and dog lovers, since it provides all your needs and supports your pets needs to have a comfy life.
With a 24 hour hotel and hospital, it allows you to train, give rehabs and offer a total support for cats, dogs and senior pets.



With the innovative theme of ” Things x Products x Service”, a two story PECOS offers a liberating space for both of you and your pet to relax. The 2000 square metre space gives many services to fulfill your pet’s life. A nice splash in the pool is good in the summer even for dogs!

Cats and dogs want some beauty services too! The first floor is the “Service and Solution floor” which beauty salon and training services are offered. With the perfect cut, your dog can look metro on its special day too. Pet owners are able to watch their pet getting their hairdo incase it may not be the one you were asking for!

From senior dogs to gigantic ones, this mall can accommodate any dogs. Pro trainers offers anti aging, mind training and dog’s sports course. Not one size fits all. They suggest the suitable lifestyle for each age group, and your pets can take advantage of the spacious dog run space.



The enticement of this mll is the “AEON vet centre/ AEON vet night emergency centre”, and the pet hotel ” Pet Royale” which are operated 24 hours.
With different vets specializing in different areas, they provide the newest medical services which includes a rehab pool and hydro therapy.
With more than 100 rooms in the hotel, staffs are on board 24 hours to play and give your pet a nice walk. Finally, for those with senior pets, aging care service and medical care service are installed.

The second floor ” Life style shop” offers a wide variety of goods. Suggesting a new type of life style, which includes natural products, delis and sweets, and pet motifs goods. Using healthy and trust worthy ingredients, the “Deli and sweets” section sells savoury delis  and bread for pets, and even a fancy  birthday cake to celebrate and party hard with your pets!
For those wanting to have a nic meal with your pets, an eat in section is installed and those who want to cook for their lovely pets, a cooking school is built inside. Making a nice healthy hearty meal, your pet’s stomach will be happy and filled with joy.
Lastly, those fashionista pets our there, the fashion goods store, “Harness dog” is there to go hard on shopping.

Other than these exciting services mentioned, “DOUTOR coffee shop” is the perfect cafe to chill out with a nice cup of cappuccino. To add icing on the cake, a pet photo shoot studio ” Sudio wan wan ( ruff ruff in Japanese)” and “Aquarium stage 21” is there to enjoy offers an entertaining time.


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Shopping, Eating AND work out!?- Makuharishintoshin AEON mall

By Mana - Last updated: 土曜日, 1月 18, 2014

Active AEON mall supported by pro athletes.
Why not get shopping, lunch and exercise all done at AEON mall.

“Active mall” provides you from sports to electronics, fulfilling all your needs. Japan’s largest ” experiencing sports mall”. Running, futsal, tennis, and sports goods where you can actually experience. Not only for sports lovers, but children to adults are able to have the time of their life here.


The hilite of this “Active mall” is the large sports goods chain store  “Sports Authority”. The largest scale sports store in Japan, which dominates the mall from the 1st to 3rd floor with approximately 14,884㎡. Wether you are a sports newbie or a pro athlete, they have an overwhelming amount of products and services.


The first floor are floor for the outdoor folks, which allows you to experience trecking, camp floor and the exciting 430㎡ indoor rockclimbing studio PEKIPEKI. Let your inner spiderman come out and make your way up. There are 3 different courses for children, beginners and advanced climbers. I kid you not, but more to come. This floor also provides you with a 3 on 3 court, a camp space, and an event space called “Sports Authority court” with 9 6o inch large screen to enjoy athlete’s talk show and events.


The second floor is the sports fashion and team sports floor with a driving range and a soccer space . “Repair making factory” is a repair shop for baseball gloves and all sports related goods. For the big baseball fan, this floor is definitely for you. A former pro baseball player gives you advices on skills and training. Once again, they have another Japan’s biggest scale shop; The NIKE basketball shop.



Introducing the 3rd floor: personal sports, and health beauty floor. For golf, Japan’s biggest practise shaft with a fitting “shaft museum” as well as a “golf simulating” area. Using a cool gadget “FOOTLAB” that sizes and measures your running and sole pressure, it chooses the most suitable pair of shoes for you.
“Charge-up cafe” that customizes your menu personally, “Exercise cram school” for children, “Sports Clinic”, “Conditioning Centre” and “Relaxation” for rehabs and body maintenance.
On top of that, the roof top provides 3 indoor tennis courts and 2 nighter futsal courts.
Now, instead of hitting the gym, hit this mall!


Also having sports related shops, the first floor provides the Japan’s largest experiencing and discovery cycle zone, “CYCLE TERRACE”. With sports bike , goods, and apparel fashion pieces. Because they carry expensive bicycles, they installed a system where you can test ride around. So choose your bicycle and ride around to find the one that suits you best!
Finally, MURASAKI BOARDERS FACT which specializes in snowboard, surfing, skateboards , they also provides you with an awesome service of skate ramp and a cafe.


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Aeon mall Makuhari Shintoshin – from SFX to job simulation

By Mana - Last updated: 金曜日, 1月 10, 2014

This gigantic family mall  themed park provides SFX to simulating jobs.

The keyword to this family mall is ” 3 generations of children oriented family”.
I’m sure we’ve all spotted  our family members resting at mall couches, yawning, looking bored while you shop for your outfits from your wish list.
With this mall, every generation can enjoy. They provide you work simulations, entertainment museums, antenna shops, and 80 stores that allows you to share these excitements with  your families.

The first floor serves “Family fashion and life style floor”, which includes ” Miraiya Shoten”. They started a new type of business, “Miraiya no Mori”which is an area that allows kids to simulate and experience.

4 groups are created, which are”Meisaku Ehon Museum”, ” Kid’s science”, ” Kid”s Atelir”, and “Kid”s kitchen”. All of them alluring kid’s interest is a definite fun zone for them. A “kid”s self cash register” lets kids experience punching and ringing in bills (All kid’s dreams, eh?!). Thinking of gifts? No worries. Concierge will give great suggestions of picture books and gifts. Work shops and simulating events are held often.

This floor also has the Daiso’s pop goods stores, “papipupePOKKE” and the famous eyewear store “ZOFF” where you and your family can choose your favorite pair. Their new store “Zoff Marche” are now opened too.

The 2nd floor is the “Kid”s fashion and Life style” floor, where Aeon’s children related goods are sold, and  the most spacious,”Kid‘s Republic” is made.
Fashion, toys, stationaries makes the whole package. “Molly’s fantasy” next door is a mini kid’s size indoor themed park for under 12 kids. The character LALA pops up in 3D and hits some groovy dance moves when you lift it to the monitor.


“HYSTERIC MINI”, “Barbie”, and “Jill Stuart New York” ; total of 20 stores are opened for the baby and kids casual zone. The selected store ” Ribbon hakka kids” built “Cafe R” for families to enjoy and chat over a nice cup of coffee.

Moving on the the 3rd floor! The hot spot of this mall, which a lot of entertainment spots are gathered. Kids can simulate their future and dream jobs here. The first and ever job simulation park in Japan!
Policemen, travel agency, banks and radio stations. The list keeps going on! After a hard day of work (for the kids obviously!) “Venue” provides delicious menus with 530 seats for your family to relax and eat.

For the herotic boys, the entertainment museum”Toei Hero World” lets yourexperience the hero attractions.Not only the hero body suits and goods are displayed, but hero inspired dishes are savoured in this cafe for kids, and fans to enjoy.

The first Kuriyama Beika’s simulating antenna shop, the “Bakauke circus” lets you make your one and only “bakauke”. 600 seats and built in the food court ” Gochisou park”, which serves MARCO’s Kitchen, and other shops (total of 8) provides scrumptious dishes.
For those who wants to just relax, the  big roof top “Sky Park” and stages and fountains for mini events can be enjoyed as well.


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They got the whole package- Aeon mall Makuharitoshin

By Mana - Last updated: 金曜日, 12月 27, 2013

Looking for the whole package?
Entertainment, shopping, and gourmet food… Life would be so simple and happy if you had all these at once.
But, this impossible has become possible thanks to the Aeon mall Makuharitoshin.


Starting off with food! The first floor “Gourme-guri” includes 25 shops.
The ” Kirin Smile Factory” by Kirin, the “6PPARK” by Yukijirushi Megumilk,  and “Calbee plus” by Calbee, which are all great food makers that represent Japan with their first attempt to have a store.

Moving on to the restaurant zone on the 2nd floor, “The Grand Diners”.
Ready to stuff your face with 14 different kinds of scrumptious goodness?
The restaurant floor offers great ox tongue steak, tempura from ” Shinjuku Tsunahachi”, and the new “100 spoons” by Soup Stock Tokyo.

Feeling the hot air and fire, the 3rd floor presents the “LIVE KITCHEN”. 18 of the well chosen gourmet line ups. With a relaxing atmosphere with 1,300 seats, they also provide a bar counter which adults can enjoy.


For those interested in pop culture, this floor with the concept of “COOL JAPAN” is totally it for you. With the name of “JAPAN POP JUNGLE” , it offers “Gundam cafe” ” Tetsudou Cafe” (A cafe of Japanese trains) and  “COSPA ASIA” which are character goods.

Wanting to crack up and and laugh off your miserable day?
The “Next Generation Entertainment Zone” includes not only comedy, but also dance performances, idol performances and culture schools presented by comedians from the authentic ” Yoshimoto Makuhari Aeon mall theatre”. They also have the “D-BOX” installed, which the seats moves with the movie scenes.

One of the greatest characteristics of this mall is that it has a lot of event spaces, which includes the “Grand court”, “Aeon court”, the “Hobby court”, and the multi-purpose hall “Aeon hall”.

You can tell they really thought about the outdoor spaces with the “Grand Square” which 1000 people can enjoy the event spaces, and the “Green Walk”, “Kaze no Oka”, which the Garden Artist “Ishihara Wakou” created for you to have a relaxing stroll.

Not feeling the green? Don’t worry. You can go to the observatory deck on the 4th floor, which allows you to absorb the beautiful Tokyo Bay. At this “Grand Terrace”, you can enjoy the fireworks in the summer. Since Makuhari has a lot of International event, they even have a praying room on the 2nd floor for Islamic customers. 

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The long anticipated themed shopping centre, ” Aeonmall Makuharishintoshin” grand opened

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 12月 22, 2013

On December 20th, Aeonmall Makuharishintoshin grand opened in Chiba city, Mihama ward.

This amazing mall has 360 speciality stores, which includes news faces, 92 stores, and 92 stores that are going to experience their first store in Chiba city. They had their pre-open on the 17th, which allowed customers to enter the mall freely.

The concept of this mall is ” A place where you can be “in to” “, allowing you to feel passion and love in this magical mall. In this dynamic mall, you can experience shopping in the next generation.

In this spacious 192,000 metre square area, it is divided in to 4 parts of themes.
The “Grand Mall”, “Pet Mall”, “Active Mall” and “Family Mal”. The 3rd-4th floor building is connected by the 2nd floor deck.

The key to the “Grand Mall” is targeted towards adults which suggests them to “Play with all your heart, Learn with all your might”. The first floor has “Daikanyama Tsutaya Book Store”-like “Tsutaya Book store”, in the “Hobby for Adults” section. In this book store, they have ” JTB travel gate” which offers trips for adults. Sipping on a nice mug of Starbucks’s coffee while readings books definitely sounds like a peaceful and a mature way to spend your day. To add icing on the cake, the audio maker ” BOSE Direct store” offers music classes and studios. Aeonmall’s goal is to add a drop of life to your everyday.

The “Premium Fashion Lifestyle Zone” gives a luxurious feel, which offers a mature life style. They also have fashion apparel stores and cafes from over seas, which adds that special touch.

One of the few greats shops are; “Patisserie Ginza Senbikiya”, “TOPSHOP/TOPMAN”, and “Afternoon Tea TEA STAND” . Big fashion names like, “SENSE OF PLACE by URBAN RESEARCH, “Samantha&chouette gallery” and  “HARUTA”.
On the other hand, Jun’s new brand, “LEJUN” has opned a cafe called ” Cafe de Rope La mer”.
Moving on to beauty? “Shu Uemura”, “Kielhs” , and selected shops like “Cosme-mu” gives you a chance to study their products well.


Second floor includes the popular “H&M”, “MONKI”, with the first Scandinavian goods store, “SφSTRENE GRENE”.
In the mood of a tropical area, “Hawaiian Zone” lets you savour the Hawaiian style cafe, ” Honolulu coffee” , while other stores like “KAHIKO” has interior decors and Hawaiian jewelry shops.
You can choose to get pampered by all these greatness.

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Girls sporting the “Two block” hairdo

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 12月 10, 2013

Many Japanse girls are sporting the “Two block” hairdo.

Although it may not be the easiest hairstyle to pull off, many girls are shaving the side of their hair for this edgy look.

Couple years ago, singer Kaela Kimura stole the spotlight with her new hairstyle, which  became an epidemic. Recently IMALU and Yuko Oshima from AKB48 has this hairstyle too.

The shaved blonde side gives a splash of colour and contrast to her whole appeal.
A quick way (but needs some courage to!)  to look all fashion forward. Anyone dare to?


It’s popular amongst teens and the 20’s, which they have the flair for pigmented colours.
Majority of them goes for the boyish look or not the typical colour you would choose.

For the not so courageous ones out there, why not play hide and seek with your hair? Keeping a section of your hair long to cover the blocks gives you the subtle look. Worried that short hair doesn’t suit you? Don’t want to go all at it? Then this look is for you.

When wearing jeans, you can complete the look by tying your hair up to show off the shaved side. On girly days where skirt is the thing, you can disguise the edgy  look by covering it with your hair.

The popularity of this look seems to capture women’s heart who are lured to the androgynous look of wild yet feminine. I’m sure most girls would second guess to shave off  a whole lot of hair! So, the two block it is 🙂

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A complexed shop of MUJI and the LOFT in Shibuya

By Mana - Last updated: 月曜日, 12月 2, 2013

A complexed shop of MUJI and the LOFT; a new type of enterprise proudly opened in Shibuya now!


Beautifully lit, with a stylish simplistic decor,  an enormous MUJI shop has opened in the Movida section of Shibuya Seibu department store (2013/11/29 (Fri)).

With their first attempt of a complexed store with the popular store “LOFT”, the “LOFT&” is located on the 6th and 7th floor.


If you are a stylish individual, this service may be the one for you. A handy service which allows you to customize items that you’ve purchased at MUJI. Only at this location (on the first floor), you can carve your name, or add prints and embroideries.


Wrapped in a warm and organic feel, the ” Café & Meal MUJI” located on the 2nd floor across the Movida section is a deli-restaurant space. The theme of this restaurant is “Natural Ingredients”. You can savour seasonal, scrumptious vegetables and “build-your-own lunch plate”.


The 3rd floor includes women’s wear, as well as health and beauty while the 4th floor is men’s wear and stationaries. Focusing on being fashion forward, both floors are selling the new skinnies and stretch denims.


For anyone with children, the 5th floor is for you. A children’s wear and the first play room built by MUJI. In a wooden spacious area, both families and expectant mothers are welcome to relax and play with their children.


In the busy life on Tokyo, you need a time to breathe and relax. the “Loft&” on the 6th floor creates an atmosphere filled with nature. Their theme is ” To live and live with nature”. Collecting functional and useful everyday goods from around the world, they provide you SNOW PEAK  and other products with the essence of “FOUND MUJI”.


<Store Information>

* MUJI Shibuya Seibu Department store

Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ward Udagawa City 21-1


Floors:B1~5F(2F Café & Meal MUJI)

Hours of operation:10:00~21:00

Surface area of the floor:1980㎡


■Cafe&MealMUJI Shibuya Seibu

Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ward Udagawa City 21-1  2nd floor
Hours of operation:10:00~21:00(”build you own lunch” from 11:00~20:30)
Numbers of seatings:80



Address: Tokyo Shibuya-ward Udagawa City 21-1   6-7 floor

Hours of operation:10:00~21:00

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Evangelion meets Japanese swords. – Ueno Mori Art Museum

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 11月 24, 2013

“Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition” is held at Tokyo, Ueno Mori Art Museum from November 23rd (Sat.) to December 23rd (Monday/holiday).

Greatly talented Japanese sword craftsmen are showing off their intricate and meticulous skills through their inspiration from Evangelion. Perfectly duplicating the weapons used in the anime, their art work is just amazing.

They took the challenge of creating a modern design Japanese sword by using the characters as their muses.
More than 50 craftsmen took their time to create and show their weapon pieces that were used in another story of Evangelion. The weapons, ” Bizenosafune” and “Magoroku-E Sword”, got their fancy names off a real sword “Bizennakafune” and ” Sekikaji no Magoroku”. (The weapon’s name were a give a way eh?!)



Visitors gets the chance to study and learn the basic information of the swords, such as the color, pattern and the shape.

Bizenosafune Sword artist: Matsuba Kuniasa (Miyazaki Prefecture)



Pieces that are exhibited includes 22 collaboration pieces (spears, swords, war helmets, masks), to the historic differences that the swords went through (as well ashand guard, pattern, war helmets).Other fun items includes sword panels, Evangelion panels, and life size character panels.



The Evangelion and Japanese Swords Exhibition
From 2013/11/23 (Sat/holidays) ~ 12/23 (Monday/holidays) * Running everyday
Place: First floor of Ueno Mori Art Museum
Address: Tokyo, Daito ward, Ueno park 1-2
Hours of operation: 10:00~17:00 (Entrance closes 30min before end time)
Admission: The day of: 1,000 yen, University/High school students: 800 yen,  Junior High/Elementary school students: 600 yen


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A fad for “steam punk” rises in Japan

By Mana - Last updated: 日曜日, 11月 17, 2013

“Steam punk” is the key word for the recent fad in Japan.
Inspired by Sci-Fi  during the industrial revolution is the “steam punk” world, where many are intrigued by it.



Many of the famous Sci-Fi fantasy world, like Studio Gibli’s “Laputa- The flying Island” and “Steam boy” by Ootomo Katsuhiro were highly motivated by the 19th century UK which steam engines were a major source of their lives.


The devotees adds a twist of their imagination to their fashion and life style .
Dressed to killed in their goggle hats and leather trunk case, it makes you feel as if you traveled time from  a fantasy world.



There are businesses that have their eyes on these movements. An online shopping site, ” Hagurumatei” are selling steam punk-esque pendants and USB memory sticks that are more conventional in every day lives.

Why not step in to a world of “steam punk”; a world where innovation is created from fashion and your everyday lives.  You may be enlightened with a different world you would of never known.

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Easy Rain Hack UnBRELLA

By Mana - Last updated: 火曜日, 11月 12, 2013

A rainy day ruins your day. Your shoes get wet, your feet gets cold, your hair frizzes…(I’m sure we’ve all been through that.)

hconcept, a lifeware concept store designed a completely new type of UnBRELLA (Upside Down Umbrella) will be sold from 2014, February. (9450 yen)

You might be thinking that’s a bit pricey for an umbrella, but it makes your rainy day less of a hassle.
It is designed in a way that even if you close it upside down, water drops won’t fall over yourself.


Since the side that isn’t exposed to the rain is facing outside when you close it, you won’t be covered in raindrops, as you have experienced before with your typical umbrellas.


Even more exciting news! It stands by itself when you close it, and you can close it clock wise or counter clock wise. The framing structure is facing outside when you open the umbrella. (Almost like what you happens to your umbrella on a windy day!)


The binds for the  framing structure are made from brass, but  framing structure itself are made from glass fibre, so no worries for rusting! Now doesn’t make you want to run out in a rainy day?

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