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Mao Inoue, Arashi to host ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’

22 10月 2011

Actress Mao Inoue (井上真央) and pop group Arashi (嵐)have b […]

Mao Inoue x Gilco gelato ice “Ice no Mi” CM

5 4月 2010

Mao Inoue (井上真央) appears in a new commercial for a gela […]

Mao Inoue X Tokyo Girls Collection

8 3月 2010

Japan’s biggest fashion event The 10th Tokyo Girl […]

The 35th Japan Academy Prize

3 3月 2012

The 35th Japan Academy  Prize Awarding  Ceremony was he […]

aiko X movie “Darling wa Gaikokujin”

21 2月 2010

aiko will sing a movie theme song for the Darling wa Ga […]

Anime songs’ “Kouhaku Utagassen” is going to be held on this new year’s eve

19 12月 2009

As I wrote on my previous page here, in Japan “Ko […]