Privacy Policy/プライバシーポリシー

Privacy Policy is acutely aware of the importance of personal information protection. We strive to protect the privacy of our customers through the appropriate management of personal customer information, and a strict adherence to “The Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and our own privacy policy.

The definition of personal information

Personal information is information that can be used to identify any one customer such as his/her name, address, telephone number, etc. This also includes information that can be used to distinguish a person by combining it with other information and matching it to an individual.

The acquisition of personal information

On asking customers to provide personal information, will always inform the customer of the specific purpose for which any personal information is to be used and, in addition, will also inform the customer of any third party with which the personal information may also be shared. Personal information will only be acquired from the customer upon agreement and understanding of the above criteria.

The use of personal information uses customers’ personal information for the following purposes:

(1)    To respond to customer queries

(2)    To provide our products and services

(3)    To inform about details regarding products and services

(4)    To improve product development and other services

(5)    To share with third parties under the conditions outlined in item 4.

In the event that is required to use personal information for any other purpose other than those listed above, will first obtain the agreement of the customer before any such usage is sanctioned.

Sharing personal information with third parties

With the exception of the two circumstances listed below, will not disclose personal information to a third party without the customer’s consent.

(1)    If required by law

(2)    In case any part of operation dealing with personal information acquisition being

sub-contracted to a third party.

In any such instance, would take extreme care in selecting the party to which information was to be provided or transferred, and would enter into a binding contract with such party regarding the appropriate handling of personal information. would aim to prevent the leakage, loss or falsification of personal information and would commit to supervise or instruct the new party as deemed necessary.

The management of personal information undertakes to manage appropriately all personal information gathered from customers. strives to prevent any information leakage, loss or incorrect recording of content. In its effort to prevent unlawful access, the leakage, loss or falsification of personal information, undertakes to install a personal information management body to maintain and improve management systems and organization structure. also undertakes to maintain an information security system to ensure the safety of personal information. has compiled and established guidelines regarding the handling of personal information and these guidelines are consistently implemented through personnel training.

Customer enquiries regarding personal information will respond swiftly to customer requests regarding the disclosure, amendment or cessation of usage of personal information. However, will insist on confirming the customer’s identity through appropriate means in order to prevent any leakage of information through an unauthorized demand for disclosure.

Customer Enquiries Desk

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(1)   お客様のお問い合わせに対する回答

(2)   テンカイジャパンの商品及びサービスの提供

(3)   商品・サービスに関する情報のご案内

(4)   商品開発その他サービスの向上

(5)   次項に基づいて第三者へ提供すること




(1)   法令に基づく場合

(2)   個人情報の取扱に関する業務の全部または一部を第三者に委託する場合








個人情報に関わるお問合せ先は、当ホームページの お問い合わせ窓口から電子メールにてお問い合わせください。