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Anisong singer Ayane performs in Beijing

By Tenkaijapan - Last updated: 火曜日, 1月 25, 2011

Ayane (彩音) is a female Japanese singer who has performed theme songs for game and anime. She made her major singing debut in 2004 with the single KIZUNA~絆. Her first album ARCHIVE LOVERS was released in 2007. She is attached to 5pb. Ayane, previously known as her real name Junko Hirata, was a member of the band platoniX with Tatsuya “Tatsh” Shimizu.

In January 2011, about 800 Chinese fans were frenzied as Ayane gave a live performance in Beijing.The audience waved glow sticks in their hands as Ayane took the stage January 22 during the J-Pop in China 2011 event to promote Japanese pop culture in China.

* Lyricallya Candles (released December 22, 2010)

1. Shining gate — TV show Anison Plus December, 2010 opening theme
2. GRAVITY ERROR — PS2 game Trigger Heart Exelica Enhanced opening theme
3. あの空の果てまで (Ano Sora no Hate Made) — PSP game Memories Off #5 Togireta Film opening theme
4. 眼鏡な理由 (Megane na Wake) — OVA Megane na Kanojo ending theme
5. Endless Tears… — XBOX360 game 11eyes CrossOver opening theme
6. Arrival of Tears — TV Anime 11eyes opening song
7. ずっと一緒に もっと遠くまで (Zutto Isshoni Motto Tooku made) — XBOX360 game Memories Off 6 Next Relation ending theme
8. 想い出はゆびきりの記憶へ (Omoide wa Yubikiri no Kioku e) — XBOX360 game Memories Off Yubikiri no Kioku true ending song
9. その先にある、誰かの笑顔の為に (Sono Saki ni Aru, Dareka no Egao no Tameni) — PSP game Higurashi Daybreak opening theme
10. Angelic bright — DS game Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna IV insert song
11. 永遠の向こう (Eien no Mukou) — PC game Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo ending theme
12. Drive on dragoon — Verokia Ryuukihei Monogatari Image Song
13. 十字架に捧ぐ七重奏 (Juujika ni Sasagu Shichijuusou) — PC game 11 eyes-Resona Forma- opening theme
14. ただ流るるままに (Tada Nagaruru Mama ni) — DS game Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna IV ending song
15. 真実ヘの鎮魂歌 (Shinjitsu e no Requiem) — PSP game 11eyes CrossOver

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Nana Mizuki’s Live Grace tour and autobiography

By Tenkaijapan - Last updated: 火曜日, 1月 25, 2011

nana mizuki

Singer Nana Mizuki(水樹奈々), 31, finished her Live Grace Orchestra tour at Yokohama Arena on January 23. But she told fans that next summer she will embark on another nationwide tour. Mizuki made her grand entrance flying in on a wire from 20 meters above the stage. A 90-member full orchestra accompanied her for the performance before 15,000 fans. Her next tour will kick off in May and will consist of 14 stops across Japan. She is expected to release two singles in conjunction with the tour.
On January 21 when was also her 31st birthday she released her autobiography which was titled Shin AI(深愛, Deep Love).

Nana Mizuki(/水樹奈々) is publishing her autobiography in the January

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“KINGRUN ANISON KOUHAKU 2010” being held on the new year’s eve again

By TERRY - Last updated: 木曜日, 12月 30, 2010

 This year again, “KINGRUN ANISON KOUHAKU” is going to be held and run on the Dec.31st,the new year’s eve. anisonkouhaku2010

This event of performing popular “anison” or anime songs sung by popular anison singers or singer groups who are divided into two teams of  the White  and the Red  is going to be held and run 22:00 Dec.31st 2010 –  25:30 Jan.1st 2011 at New Pier Hall in Minato-ward, Tokyo. 

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