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Lots of fun with food – Character Lunch Box

By nagomistation - Last updated: 土曜日, 4月 7, 2012

Story by  Megumi

3 guests joined our Kyaraben lesson yesterday and made a Picachu bento box.


Olivia and Dylan from Canada, it was their first day in Japan of their two weeks journey. And Rex from Hong Kong, it was the last day for his second trip to Japan. They have a big interesting to making Kyaraben. (Character bento.)

Olivia wondered that “Is threre any restaurant where people can eat Kyaraben in Japan?”
The answer is no, but I think it’s a very nice idea if people can eat Kyaraben at restaurant 😉


But now, Olivia, Dylan and Rex became a Kyaraben master so they don’t have to go to Kyaraben restaurant!



“It’s first time to having a lot of fun with food” said Olivia when she was arranging her own Picachu on her bento box as final step. I was very glad to hearing it 😀


Thank you Olivia, Dylan and Rex!

Megumi Kusunoki, (@nagomistation) currently a cooking instructor in Tokyo started Nagomi Kitchen in hopes for people around the world to learn more about real Japanese food. Combining her passion for tourism as a former scuba diving instructor, bus tour guide, and marketing and sales manager for an online guide for tourists coming to Japan, and food, Nagomi Kitchen was born out of a labor of love. She hopes that through Nagomi Kitchen more people will become more familiar with Japanese food and ingredients and be able to incorporate Japanese home cooking into their daily meal.

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Hello kitty or Pikachu bento box?

By nagomistation - Last updated: 土曜日, 1月 28, 2012
Story by Megumi

Making a basic healthy Japanese bento box for your next lunch is already a creative process but a kyaraben will definitely add a little more fun.

In a kyaraben, the food in your bento can look like cute cartoon characters, animals, or even beautiful plants. Making a kyaraben used to be just a trick to get children excited about eating their bento but it has now turned into an art form where even competitions are held. It’s popularity has actually spread across the globe but there is always room to recruit more kyaraben enthusiasts. Read the rest of this entry »

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