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Nana Mizuki’s Live Grace tour and autobiography

By Tenkaijapan - Last updated: 火曜日, 1月 25, 2011

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Singer Nana Mizuki(水樹奈々), 31, finished her Live Grace Orchestra tour at Yokohama Arena on January 23. But she told fans that next summer she will embark on another nationwide tour. Mizuki made her grand entrance flying in on a wire from 20 meters above the stage. A 90-member full orchestra accompanied her for the performance before 15,000 fans. Her next tour will kick off in May and will consist of 14 stops across Japan. She is expected to release two singles in conjunction with the tour.
On January 21 when was also her 31st birthday she released her autobiography which was titled Shin AI(深愛, Deep Love).

Nana Mizuki(/水樹奈々) is publishing her autobiography in the January

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Nana Mizuki(/水樹奈々) is publishing her autobiography in the January

By TERRY - Last updated: 金曜日, 12月 31, 2010

  Nana Mizuki (/水樹奈々), “the top anison singer” as well as one of  the top voice stars of anime works in Japan currently is going to publish her autobiography commemorating  her 10th anniversary of her career as a singer on the Jan.21st 2011.N0029302 

The title of the book is “Shin-ai”(/深愛, Deep Love)and that is also the title of her 19th single music CD which was released on the Jan.21st 2009.  January 21st is her birthday as well.  In her book she writes about her childhood ,where she wanted to become an enka(Japanese popular ballad)singer and performed at a lot of  karaoke contests and competitions for amateurs  some of which gave her prizes. She also refers to the hard times, such as suffering from not being able to debut for a quite long time, her father suffering from a serious disease who had kept supporting her since she had been so young, her talent agency having gone banckrupt,and so forth.

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Nana Mizuki x “Yozakura Oshichi”

By Tenkaijapan - Last updated: 金曜日, 2月 12, 2010

Nana Mizuki (水樹奈々) sings “Yozakura Oshichi(夜桜お七)”

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