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Japanese Socks – Cool Ninja Socks

By Nolita - Last updated: 土曜日, 1月 16, 2010

Gyoda city was the center of Japanese socks factories. Today people wear what they call a pair of socks; so, the traditional socks are disappearing year after year. In order to revitalize Gyoda’s cultural assets, people renovated old houses and warehouses, and opened a shop, museum, cafe, soba noodle restaurant, and sewing factory. Wherever they walk around, they will find something cool. like Ninja Socks and labels, in this historic town.CIMG0394CIMG0100
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Taking a Naruto-like lesson at Vanessa’s Ninja Academy

By Nolita - Last updated: 土曜日, 11月 21, 2009

Ninja is far more than I have expected. Ninja is not only physically and mentally well trained humans but develop their inner energy by practice. So the whole universe would embrace them. Today I learned that Urban Ninja Murasame had a micro-universe inside. He can be invisible in a moment and pass through people without making his presence felt. For information, please look at

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