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Making Original Pikachu

By nagomistation - Last updated: 火曜日, 12月 20, 2011
Story by Megumi
original pikachu, kyaraben

We made original Pikachu with Elizabeth who come from USA and Ai who come from Japan on last Wednesday 🙂

team Pokemon!

First of all, started to make Tofu meatballs with teriyaki sauce.The teriyaki sauce made by same amount of Soy sauce, sugar, Sake and Mirin which the sweet cooking sake. It’s easy to remember isn’t it? 🙂

They fried meatballs with big smile!

From this time we prepared apron for each participants. The color is beige and black and the Japanese taste pattern on the pockets.So you don’t have to bring anything when join our cooking program!

making tofu meatballs

Second step was making Pikachu, it’s a main event of the program :)I have a sample Pikachu but participants can make it as absolutely original Pikachu face with Nori seaweed.

Elizabeth made a eyebrow of Picachu, it’s a very manlike 😉 Nice!

pikachu kyaraben

She said she would like to join again when her friend come to Tokyo or another cooking program offered.

I updated the comments from participants who joined our cooking program, please check it 🙂

pokemon. pikachu 

Megumi Kusunoki, (@nagomistation) currently a cooking instructor in Tokyo started Nagomi Kitchen in hopes for people around the world to learn more about real Japanese food. Combining her passion for tourism as a former scuba diving instructor, bus tour guide, and marketing and sales manager for an online guide for tourists coming to Japan, and food, Nagomi Kitchen was born out of a labor of love. She hopes that through Nagomi Kitchen more people will become more familiar with Japanese food and ingredients and be able to incorporate Japanese home cooking into their daily meal.

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Pikachu in traditional Japanese style of art

By Tenkaijapan - Last updated: 月曜日, 2月 1, 2010


Here’s some pretty amazing artwork that’s been making the rounds on the interwebs lately. This set of pics show Pikachu drawn in a traditional Japanese style of art.

Pikachu in traditional Japanese style of art

Pikachu in traditional Japanese style of art

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